Yardley London Eyeshadow Quads

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When these beauties dropped and I opened the box I squeeled inside a bit at just how perfect the shades are for winter and just like that I jumped right back into being excited for eyeshadow. Which if I’m honest hasn’t been for a while mainly because I’ve been super lazy with just adding one shade as a wash of colour BUT when you see these Yardley eyeshadow quads you’ll want to experiment a bit, trust me!

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The Yardley eyeshadow quads consist of the most softest satin texture which makes application seamless with little to no fallout! All 5 quads consist on of warmer shades which are suitable for most eye colour however the pallet in shade Revel has a cooler grey/blue shade in it, the rest of the palettes feature golds, browns and copper shades.

yardley eyeshadow quads dynasty

My favourite has to be Dyasty, it has a stunning maroon shade in it – granted I don’t really know how to use this shade but I am always drawn to it! I just need to get a little more experimental in my eyeshadow application I think.

Overall I think that Yardley did a great job with these quads, the shade variations are perfect all wearble shades that can be used alone or altogether – so it won’t be one of those palettes where one shade gets no love. The formula is great silky even the metallic shades are smooth and don’t have chunks of glitter, no fallout and great lasting power on the eyes. These Yardley quads cost R130+- which works out to R32 per shade, great value for wearble shades!

yardley eyeshadow quads

If you’re on the lookout for a versatile eyeshadow palette definitely have a look and swatch of these Yardley quads.