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The Body Shop Drops of Light

The Body Shop has gone and done it again… introducing the Drops of Light range! The idea behind the entire range is to reduce the intensity of dark spots and pigmentation while brightening the skin with its goodness packed ingredients of red algae and antioxidant Vitamin C.

I have been testing three products from the Drops of Light range for about 3 months now so I thought I would give you a breakdown of my most favourites, general thought and which I will be repurchasing.

Starting off with Drops of Light Cream cleanser, let me start off by saying I am not really a big fan of cream cleansers I tend to gravitate to gel cleansers as I find these don’t make my skin feel dry or tight. The cream cleanser is rich and creamy it creates a large lather and really cleans and purifys the skin, your face is left squeaky clean and there is no need to do a second cleanse – this does the job the first time round. I don’t find that it is over-drying at all but my face doesn’t feel overly moisturized either, but this is where the Drops of Light serum comes to play I think.

Next up we have the Drops of Light serum a super lightweight liquid that is easily absorbed into the skin it works so well after using the cream cleanser in that it replenishes the moisture into the face. It leaves the skin feeling soft, plumped and not overly shiny or oily like other serums do. The serum is clinically proven to reduce the number and intensity of dark spots. It’s perfect to use day or night and don’t worry it works well under foundation no slippery slidey mess! The Drops of Light serum is said to improve the texture of the face I don’t really suffer with texture issues so I can’t comment on this however Rayne has done a review on the range and she talks about this, so head on over to her blog to read that if you have texture issues.

Lastly we have my most favourite product in the range, the Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence. This product was the first to land on our shores from the Drops of Light range, the minute I spotted it in store I grabbed it and have been using it for about 6 months already! I gravitated to this as we were in the heat of summer and the idea of SPF 50 and UVA protection under my foundation makes me so happy, especially being a freckly one. The Skin Defence essence is a super light (like feather light!) milk to water essence, think of the feeling and texture of water super runny/liquidy, soft but super absorbent. This again is packed full of the brightening red algae and antioxidant Vitamin C like the other products in the Drops of Light range however this is specifically formulated to protect the skin against the sun, UVA and UVB rays as well as anti-oxidents like pollution that weakens the skin. The biggest reason why I love this is because it is so lightweight it works perfectly under foundation which is rare for such a high SPF usually I’m left with an oily mess before I have even begun adding foundation which you don’t want in summer!

Have you tried anything in the Body Shop Drops of Light range?