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GlamPalm discount + {review}

Today I want to share with you something that I had not heard about and that is… the beauty that is GlamPalm.


GlamPalm is made by the original manufactures of GHD, that’s right the OG GHD  yo! The GlamPalm team in South Korea are responsible for the brilliant technology in up to 70 % off all hair irons in the industry. I know what you are thinking “why do I need to learn more about a hair straightener when there are other established brands?” well why the heck not? You know what they say ‘you learn something new everyday’ although I still don’t know who ‘they’ are but let me teach you something – GlamPalm is unique in that they use technology to ensure that there is no damage to your locks, the GlamPalm ceramic plates are infused with a patented mineral Healing Stone™ this enables the GlamPalm to work efficiently at 200 degrees instead of the usual 230 degrees. The Healing Stone™ coats the ceramic plates for smoother sliding and release anions for softer, glossier hair and healthy hair, because of this coating there is no need to use a heat protector every time but if you do choose to use a serum or oil the straightener offers another unique feature – vibrate mode which is to keep your hair frizz free for longer and also enhances product penetration so that you get the full benefit of the product you have applied. The GlamPalm team are so confident in their products that they offer a 2 year guarantee, that is kind of unheard of these days.


The GlamPalm styler starts up 26 seconds faster than any other hair iron and has 11 heat settings to choose and has an automatic shut off feature for those who are a little loskop and if you are still not sure if you’re still not convinced that you have switched off your electronics then maybe you need one of these:

Turn Off Your Straightener Door Mat / Area Rug Hand Painted 18x30 or 20x34

Image: Etsy

Let’s chat a bit about the design and packaging my GlamPalm came in a luxurious box lined with silky fabric inside was a lovely barrel shaped travel bag with 2 hair clips and a heat plastic heat protector for the straightener once its been used as well as to keep it together if you are travelling


It also came with some shiny stickers which intrigued me:


After reading I learnt that these are to place over the ceramic plates if you have had a Keritan treatment done, so cool that they even thought about that and included it at no extra fee.

The straightener itself boots a 3D swivel meaning it will move with you whether you use it from the left or right, the cord is 3 metres long so if you’re bedroom is like mine with one mingy plug your good to go, don’t think I’m a nerd or anything but attached to the cord is a rubber cord strap which makes it super easy to loop it together for travelling or if your lucky to have a plug near you then you can use it for that:



I am so enjoying using my GlamPalm you know what they say (really need to meet ‘they’ :P) sharing is caring and that’s exactly what I am going to do – here is a code to receive R200 off your purchase of any GlamPalm (There are 2 straighteners and a curling wand in the range) all you need to do is use the code CFB225 at the checkout stage, you know I always have your back, I hope this enlightened you a little into the lovely world of GlamPalm.