teeth whitening with crest and elgydium

Welcome to a very different type of review… Teeth Whitening! Although this is a different topic for me it is something that I have been quite passionate about for over 2 years now. Let me give you a little background into the topic, we’re in 2015 and Cara’s watching YouTube video after video about Crest Whitening Strips she proceeds to add it to her long never ending list of products ‘not available in South Africa, but have to get my hands on’ (needless to say that list has now decreased with the likes of Urban Decay on Foschini for Beauty and Real Techniques available at Clicks!) Lets fast forward a few months and a mysterious online store called Biovea popped up, that seemed to stock Crest Whitening Strips needless to say I placed my first order for the 3D Crest Professional Effect strips and I can firmly say this is where my journey for pearly white teeth began!


I used the Crest Professional Whitening strips for 20 days and instantly noticed a difference, I did experience a little sensitivity but nothing I couldn’t live with. My dentist even commented on our perfect my teeth were looking.

The thing with these strips is that they work perfectly as a starter to get your teeth where you want them to be however there is a maintenance job that has to be done to keep your teeth looking sparkly white especially if you drink as many cuppaccinos as I do!

That’s where Elgydium Whitening toothpaste (R60) comes into the picture – Elgydium toothpaste is set apart from other toothpastes on the market because of its micro-pulverized sodium bicarbonate this micro version is five times smaller than standard grain of bicarb. Why is this a big deal? Well because it is so tiny its able to dissolve into the tiniest crevices in-between your teeth to gently polish without being too harsh on the enamel on your teeth.

Using a whitening toothpaste to keep my teeth unstained and pearly white after using the crest whitening strips is a must. I always opt for a whitening toothpaste because I did not waste all that money and sensitivity with crest for nothing and maintaining them is just as important as the first step. The thing with most whitening toothpastes is that they can be harsh on the teeth and abrasive, that’s what I really like about Elgydium’s whitening toothpaste as well as their anti-stain version. Both variants are very ‘soft’ and gentle on the teeth but still pack a punch when it comes to results.

If you’re looking for an easy at home whitening success story that isn’t going to cost you that much then I highly recommend both the Crest Whitening Strips and the Elgydium toothpaste option.