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LA Girl Pro Conceal Review

Welcome to LA Girl week! I thought I would share 3 posts this week about some of the hyped up LA Girl products some that I really enjoy and some that are just such a waste of money and time.

First up has to be the hyped up LA Girl Pro Conceal which has now come out in 3 colour correctors, which I grabbed and thought it would be nice to give you an all round review.

If you’ve been around these parts for a while you will know that I rave on and on about the Pro Conceal concealer it honestly is one of the best concealers I have ever used not too thick but can be built up, covers blemishes and dark circles like an absolute boss AND it comes in so many shades, yay for representation! The only negative thing I can say about this is that my shade porcelain is always sold out, I hear its the same for our darker skinned ladies apparently the shade fawn is also always sold out 🙁

LA Girl Pro Conceal Review

Now onto the two colour LA Girl correctors I picked up; green and orange:

GREEN: This shade is made to counter act redness eg around the nose, on pimples or broken capillary’s. These colour correctors have the exact same formula as the normal concealers as well as the same brush applicator. The thing to remember with any colour correctors is less is more; apply a tiny bit and build it up to cover up the area with the problem. I would suggest squeezing a little of this out and then dot applying it with a concealer brush or an ear bud as the brush applicator can be a little hard to cover up dem spots.

ORANGE: This was honestly made for us dark circled girls! Orange is made to counteract darkness. This is a scary brick red shade and remember with this again less is more as it is extremely hard to cover up with concealer if you over do it believe me I’ve been there done that! What I love about this is the formula because it is creamy its not drying under the eyes or cakey, since I have the beginning of crows feet I need moisturising and not thick or heavy under my peepers.

Have you you tried LA Girl pro conceal before? Make sure to watch the blog this week as I will be sharing two more reviews on hyped up LA Girl products!