Clinique Flutter-to- Full Mascara

Clinique Flutter-to- Full Mascara

Introducing the super cute Clinique Flutter-to- Full Mascara a gorgeous everyday mascara to create a full coated lash look. The brush is a fiber, my favourite kind and is slightly tapered at the tip to really get into the corner of the eyes.

The idea behind the Clinique Flutter-to- Full Mascara is that it has a dial/barrel that is twisted according to the eyelash look you require from flutter to full, this works by adjusting the amount of product that comes onto the wand as you twist.

clinique mascara_2

When it comes to mascara I tend to gravitate towards a big fiber brush that gives a really full long fringe type of lash look but sometimes I prefer a light weight mascara that just coats my lashes and gives more of a natural look – and that is the best way to explain the Clinique Flutter-to- Full Mascara, I don’t think the dial/barrel makes much of a difference and is more gimmicky/quirky packaging. I tend to use it on the full version every time I apply it, I have tried the other settings and the lowest setting is great for the lower lashes but I still prefer to use it on the fullest setting and I use about 3 coats at a time of the mascara to ensure each lash is coated.

The mascara isn’t too wet which means there is never any transfer (YAY for no panda eyes!) it is also a really light weight mascara, even on the fullest setting you’re not going to get huge volume or length its more of a natural enhancing your features look. It is also really easy to remove, it kind of turns into little balls when you rub it with water.