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lush bubble bar fav’s

If you have read my other lush posts you will definitely see a theme and that is that I am definitely the budget buster and tend to go for the lush bubble bar ‘s more often and that is because you get more than one use out of it which I love!


I thought I would chat about the latest 3 bubble bar ‘s I have picked up.


Amandopondo doesn’t this bar look so sophisticated and grown up? I think the little rosebud is so cute especially when its floating around the bath, apparently the rosebud is to symbolise an appeal for forgiveness the lush website says ” Present one to anyone you have wronged; once they have bathed in its fragrant foam, all should be forgiven as the rose, lemon and orange oils lift the spirits.” I really enjoyed using this its a very subtle relaxing scent, definitely one when you want to light some candles and exhale the day away. (R45)


Creamy Candy, this bubble bar is exactly what you think it would be a sweet cute smell it has almond oil and cocoa butter that melts to the surface of the water which leaves your skin feeling moisturised and smooth. (R42)

Pop-in-the-bath a cute little bar that was originally inspired by Mary Poppins; I think what they mean by that is Mary Poppins came into a chaotic household and sung all the problems away – the ingredients in this bubble bar are supposed to do the same thing for you; bergamot, lemon and mandarin not at all what you’d expect this cute bar to smell like by looking at it. This is probably one of my favourite bars that I have repurchased more than once. (R47)

All this being said all my Lush products are finished now so I need to make my way down and buy a few more goodies. Which are you’re favourite Lush products?