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john frieda frizz ease {review}

john frieda frizz ease full range review

I was sent the full john frieda frizz ease range from beauty bulletin, after testing it out over the past 3 weeks I thought it would be nice to break each product down for you. I also roped my mom into testing them too for another #mommyreview I also thought this would be nice to add in as we both have very different hair types; both curly, mine is fine and has a tenancy to getting oily, Mandy’s is very dry and frizzy.

john frieda frizz ease review before

In this before you can see my hair is quite frizzy and doesn’t have much of my natural curl showing. This picture was taken before using any of the products.

Application 1;john frieda frizz ease daily styling spray

john frieda frizz ease spray review after picture

  • john frieda frizz ease shampoo & conditioner
  • original 6 effects serum
  • dream curls daily styling spray
  • expert finish serum

john frieda frizz ease shampoo and conditioner review

thoughts; the shampoo and conditioner smell amazing, lather really nicely. Having fine hair I worry about any products that have smoothing ingredients in them mainly because of them weighing my hair down and loosing the little volume that I have but for the sake of the review I immediately decided I was going to use the full range no matter what. I’m so impressed as none of this range weighed my hair down.

The shampoo and conditioner cleaned my hair well and gave it an instant bounce. I then used the original 6 effects serum which promises to eliminates frizz, protects from humidity, smooths, hydrates and tames it warns against using too much. One pump was enough for me I started off at the tips of my hair concentrating most of it there as this is where my hair is the most damaged, with whatever is left on my hands I feathered across the crown of my head – the smell of the whole range is very fresh and clean definitely not too scented.

Next I brushed my hair and sprayed on the john frieda dream curls daily styling spray I left this to dry naturally although you can use a diffuser I had the time for it to air dry so thats what I did. The spray is very fine and easy to use just spray on and leave. I turned my head upside down and sprayed all over then left it; you can see my hair formed more of a wave than a curl. Once my hair was dry I used the polishing serum which again warns about using too much so I did the same – one pump started at the ends of my hair and feathered the left over on my crown, this promises to control fly-aways. Again this serum is amazing worked without making my hair oily or weighing it down.

john frieda frizz ease spray review after

Application 2;john frieda frizz ease mousse review

john frieda frizz ease mousse review after pic

  • john frieda frizz ease shampoo & conditioner
  • original 6 effects serum
  • curl revive mousse
  • expert finish serum

Mousse is always a funny little thing – too much and you’re left with a crunchy mess that being said nothing accentuates my curls as much as mousse does. As you can see this definitely defined my curls more and defined my curls without being too big and bouncy.

john frieda frizz ease mousse review after

Application 3;

john frieda frizz ease and glampalm curling wand review

  • john frieda frizz ease shampoo & conditioner
  • original 6 effects serum
  • glampalm curling wand
  • expert finish serum

With this application I decide to use my glampalm curling wand (get R100 off with this code CF6o6, you know me always hooking you up if I can!) I absolutely loved using my wand its so easy once I had curled my hair I used the finishing serum to smooth through my hair. My hair stayed frizz free until I washed my hair 3 days later.

john frieda frizz ease range and glampalm curling wand review

john frieda frizz ease serums review

I wanted to speak a little about my favourites of the whole john frieda frizz ease range; both serums. Let me be a bit superficial and say how nice the packaging of the serums are they’re both in a test tube which is enclosed in plastic outter tube which I just love its different and the fact that both serums have different colour tubes makes it easy to know which one is which. Both work so well, the original is used on wet hair and after you’ve styled/dried apply the smoothing serum to ensure all fly-aways go bye-bye.

Both of these work so well, don’t weigh down my hair or make it oily – for someone with fine hair this is a BIG statement.

Now onto the #mommyreview

john frieda frizz ease mom before

Lucky me I walked in to our bathroom and found John Frieda FRIZZ EASE products just waiting to be tried…coincidently these products are made for my hair type Washed/ Conditioned with Frizz Ease Dream Curls Shampoo and Conditioner, their fragrance is uplifting, little product is needed to achieve very clean and soft hair.

To my wet hair I applied Frizz Ease 6 Effects Serum, its claim is to eliminate frizz, protect from humidity, smooth, hydrate and tame … all of the above very vital for me. Next I used Frizz Ease Curl Reviver Mousse, this product Energises and shapes your curls, tames frizz and is alcohol free, after shaking the can I dispensed product in to my palm and evenly distributed all over my hair I then styled my hair with my hands and let it air dry…

IMG_0012 3.05.07 PM

Result, my hair looked good, curls defined with only a few frizzy strands which I rescued by applying Frizz Ease Perfect Finish Polishing Serum which controls flyway’s, boosts shine and most importantly smoothes your hair, strand by strand. My hair looked even better after being slept in… to achieve this fantastic result follow the easy directions on each bottle. I will definitely recommend John Frieda Frizz Ease Range to any one with dry, frizzy, flyaway, curly hair…. This range = my new best friend.

Have you tried any of the vast john frieda ranges, if so which are your favourites?