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what’s in the superbalist box?

IMG_9790You know that feeling when you go shopping with your bestie, come home make a cup of tea and put Sex in the City on then proceed to open up all your shopping bags and go through all the bits you both bought, discuss possible outfits for each item ? Well my bestie is all the way across the Indian Ocean, because of this you reading are now roped into being my internet bestie so stick around to see what’s in my Superbalist box!


First up I picked up the cutest little memo pads ‘Crap’ and ‘Mental’ I was expecting these to be a little bigger but I’m so happy that they’re this small perfect to keep in my handbag to write notes on and watch peoples reaction to the quirkiness. I love the ‘went mental’ and ‘crappy crap’ tick boxes.

I also picked up some cute yellow polka dot and stripped paper straws, I am such a sucker for cute things!


The star of the show is this new look fringe handbag – I love me some tassels and fringing! First of all I didn’t even know we could get any New Look things here in South Africa – trust Superbalist to bring the goodness, PLUS they stock SkinnyDip cases #justsaying. Bart Simpson in the background is another Superbalist goodie I picked up for the BF for his Birthday.

I thought it would be fun to do a little #OOTD, plus this is the first time this season I wore a dress and open toed shoes – bring on Summer!