human+kind {review}

human+kind and peace in the home plant
Ever since the very first time I saw human+kind in Clicks I was intrigued, the design, the colours so basically the packaging but not only that, the fact that there is a cleanser that comes with a cleansing cloth this is something you don’t see often and I love that! You can also purchase a two pack of the cleansing cloths if you don’t want to buy the cleanser.


The basic premise of human+kind is that all products are 100% all natural which means the human+kind products are gentle enough to be used on eczema and psoriasis. If you are a sufferer of either of these then you will know how hard it is to find suited products, most products for these skin conditions are in ugly packaging and make you feel like you’re diseased they’re also usually in the ‘medical’ section of stores. I don’t have either of these so the above is just an observation.

I was lucky enough to be sent a human+kind 2-in-1 moisturiser to review. The first thing  that intrigued me is that its a day and night cream in one. I have always been the person that isn’t too fussed to have two separate creams only if the day cream has an spf in it will I reach for a different night cream and well because I am super lazy when it comes to suncream I usually go for a day cream with some in (I am the person that calculates my spf; daycream = spf 25 + primer = spf 25 + foundation = spf 30, oh the things I tell my lazy self!)


told ya.. the packaging! Can we also take a moment for my cute plant called peace in the home 

Needless to say I gave this human+kind moisturiser a go in the day under foundation and at night. The formula is very light which is something I absolutely love it also means it soaks right in which is perfect for day time. Don’t let the light formula get you thinking that its not nourishing enough for night because when it says it gives 24/7 hydration it really does!

I have noticed such a huge change in my skin from using this, I have dehydrated combination skin – what does that mean? It means that my skin can’t make up its mind! Oily forehead, nose and chin and dehydrated cheeks + under eye area as well as pigmentation and scaring. My skin has become a lot more supple and soft and my breakouts have been bought down to a minimum.

The cream doesn’t have the greatest smell but remember it also doesn’t have any nasties like perfume in it – 100% natural. This is the only human+kind product I have tried so far and I definitely will be trying more as soon as I’ve used up some other products I have, I am trying this thing called ‘complete-all-products-before-purchasing-new-ones’ otherwise I end up with thousands of half used bottles errwhere!

Have you tried any human+kind products? If so what are your thoughts? I’d especially love to hear from someone who has tried the cleansing cloths.