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garnier micellar water {review}


ok yes I know this is probably the 100th garnier micellar water review you have read so don’t worry I will keep it short and sweet, but I do have to have my say.

Micellar water has been hyped up so much and in a way I’m a little sad that it has been because whenever something is made into a biiiiig deal expectations are high and well disappointment can be high like my babyskin let down so I have learnt to be shtum, try it for myself and then revert back on what my opinions were.

Before the garnier micellar water launched at clicks a few months ago I was using the bioderma micellar water which is double the price for less product. I am happy to announce I found hardly any difference between the two so go for the garnier because you get a lot more for you’re buck.

Micellar water in plain terms is water with tiny oil particles in it which was created backkkk in the day in France because the water was too ‘hard’ et voila micellar water is born to cleanse the Parisian ladies faces.

I had in my mind that would be my one stop shop to remove my make up and well I don’t really know why I thought like that, with that in mind I was disappointed – what I tell ya’ll about high expectations. So I went all in thinking I was going to use two cotton pads to remove all my make up and well that was highly inaccurate, you can remove all your make up with the garnier micellar water but it will take long and you will use many cotton pads – unless you pick up the XL cotton pads from The Body Shop, which are amaze btw!

I like to use this in two ways as mentioned above with my XL cotton pads for lazy nights – so I keep a bottle next to my bed and although my face doesn’t feel clean clean its so much better than sleeping with makeup on but my most favourite way is to use this after cleansing my face to get off all the extra gunk off.

Micellar water is 100% better than using face wipes and gives the face a much cleaner feel to the face. It’s also really nice to use in the morning to freshen up the face.

All in all I really like the garnier micellar water – both versions (sensitive+normal) but don’t think its going to be a one stop shop rather look at this as a toner and you won’t be disappointed. Have you tried this?