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all about the base {review}

Hands up if you chuckled at the title of this ‘cos heck I did when I typed it! Although this statement explains my make up obsession the best, I literally am all about the base. I don’t have the easiest skin type/skin texture with dark circles and pigmentation so getting my base flawless is always my aim although I don’t alway succeed I try anyway.

Needless to say buying primers, foundation, concealer and powder is something I buy the most of. So I thought today i would write a little review about the last base bits I bought.

  1. Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder (+- R190) – for the longest time I have only used my holy grail powder which is Rimmel Stay Matt but I have always wanted to pick this powder up. As you all know I love Bourjois as a brand so I kind of new I would love this and oh yes I do its milled so finely and I have used it over so many different types of foundation from Loreal to MAC and it works like a dream. I also have been loving it for under my eyes.
  2. Maxfactor Facefinity Primer SPF25 (+- R200) – I can’t express how much I love this primer its unlike any primer I have ever used in that its not silicone based and is ‘watery’ but boy oh boy does it pack a punch! I think another reason I get along with it so well is the fact that it has SPF25 in it, if I’m honest this is me in the morning “Face Cream = SPF15 + Primer = SPF25 + Foundation = SPF15 which equals a grand total of 55SPF” and in my books thats quite high I’ll take it 🙂 I’m lazy like that!
  3. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (Vanilla +- R230) – I love this foundation so much, number 1 it smells amazing and gives the nicest coverage, number 2 used with the tiniest amount of powder you’re left with a flawless base that lasts all day. I had only ever used the serum version of this which I believe is now discontinued but this version is 100 times nicer anyway.
  4. Loreal Infallible 24 Hour Matt (Vanilla +– R200) – I must admit I was so excited that this landed on SA shores that no matter what the shade range I was getting my hands on it! That being said 11 Vanilla is quite a dark shade for the lightest shade in the range and a lot of blending around my jaw line has to be done – so a great shade for when I use my beloved Caribbean Tan Wipes. I have to use so much product to cover my face which is a bit of a bummer because it feels like its going to finish so fast other than that don’t let the mattifying claims scare you because honestly this is not super matt – if you have ever used MAC studio fix you know what  m a t t  is!

If you want to see some of the other goodies I picked up from Clicks and Dischem then watch my latest haul:

Let me know if you have any base products that are you’re holy grails that I may need to try 🙂