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collect moments {free download}

There is one thing about me that is very apparent and that is I like things, although I like a good shopping spree and having things there is another part of me that loves moments more. I wouldn’t get into 50k worth of debt to spend on ‘things’ but I wouldn’t mind getting into debt to spend 50k to go on a holiday – why? because moments and memories are what make up a happy heart and a happy life. Once you’ve bought the boots, the handbags or the make up its exciting for that moment and once you have worn them or used them then they become not so new and not so exciting anymore unlike memoreirs and moments that linguure long after the experience.

One this note I decided to make three little banners that you can download and use with the quote “collect moments not things” I think this is a nice little reminder.


Download “collect moments 1” CP-01.jpg – Downloaded 338 times – 864 KB


Download “collect moments 2” CP-02.jpg – Downloaded 320 times – 938 KB


Download “collect moments 3” CP-03.jpg – Downloaded 339 times – 769 KB

Hope you enjoyed this little mind wander, let me know if you feel the same way about moments and things or if you have a different outlook.