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tangle angel classic review carafay

I was sent a tangle angel from retail box to have a play around with and share my thoughts with all of you lovely ones. I was so excited to receive this brush especially as it had been included in a recent secret box, and you know how those go, well for me at least usually result in major fomo and its always the month that I’m trying to be good and save a little extra chang chang; so you can imagine the excitement I had when the tangle angel classic arrived in my post box.

Here are the main points you need to know about tangle angel:

  1. ANTIBACTERIAL – Specially developed antibacterial additives embedded in the plastic make your brush ultra hygienic and safe to use. – I have to add that its so easy to clean and pull out whatever hair is left in the bristles.
  2. ANTI STATIC Anti static properties prevent flyaway hair leaving it smooth and silky – this could not be truer, having a curlier/wavy hair I have a lot of flyaways so this brush really helps with keeping the hair smoother.
  3. HEAT RESISTANT Heat resistant bristles retain their shape even when used with the high temperatures generated by hairdryers.this is my absolutely favourite part of this brush its a one stop shop – use it in the shower, wet hair and then the same brush for blowdrying!
  4. WATER RESISTANT Ideal for using in the shower. – LOVE that its a do it all brush.
  5. ERGONOMIC SHAPE Hold by the handle or by the back for greater control when styling. – the handle of the classic is so smooth/matt which makes it so easy to grip.

tangle angel classic review carafay

As you can see above the bristles form a tapered V-shape, this is a unique bristle layout as it allows the brush to grip the hair without any tugging which is always a win especially if you have slightly curly hair like mine, ain’t nobody got time for them knots!

The brush is so comfortable to grip as the handle is smooth yet at the bottom its a little tapered:tangle angel white classic review

If you have been following any of the Tangle Angel goodies you would of seen some that have angel wings, shiny ones, ones that have paws on them and if you’ve popped into Style Bar recently you would of noticed the cutest little keyring ones! These are all part of the huge Tangel Angel range:

tangle angel review tangle angel review

You might be thinking what on earth is a Pet Angel, I just absolutely love the story on how the Pet Angel was born:

“We were chatting to our Brand Manager Sam one day about Tangle Angel and she confessed that she’d been using hers to groom her long haired cat. That got me thinking – so I asked our salon team to ask their clients and we soon found out that she wasn’t alone. Hence, Pet Angel was born. Using the same bristle formation and technologies but with firmer bristles and a larger pad.

After much research we realised that nearly all pet grooming brushes are made from metal but also look quite torturous and perfunctory. That’s why we came up with our strapline –‘Makes Grooming your Pet a Pleasure not a Pain’ as the feedback has been amazing – not only is it kind and gentle but it’s clearly very giftable. We’ve got clips from our testers of their animals experiencing pain free, hygienic grooming and they’re great to watch. The fact that it was tested on humans just adds to the story!

How cute is that! Have you tried any Tangle Angel products?