healing earth {review}

In October, yes I know thats a while ago now but I wanted to wait to try each of these products before reporting back to you – where was I? Oh yes! Back in October Rayne and I attended the PR Net Luxury Event held in Cape Town at the President’s Hotel, when we saw the below we were drawn in like the true magpies thus introducing us to Healing Earth:


I introduce to you, Healing Earth. We sniffed and sniffed, I even tried the scrubs without any water – yolo I just couldn’t wait. Everything smelt so clean, fresh and home made – no pretentious packaging, simple and down to earth.

After chatting to the team we learnt a bit about each product and choose a few to take home and try, what blew me away was the size of the sample; all so big and their is no compromising on the packaging of the samples and definitely no stinginess, I mean have a look at these:

healing earth product review

I shared some of the face products with my mom for #mommyreviews so here are her thoughts:

I have just tried the following Healing Earth Products and am so impressed, thought I would share with you…the products I tried, and am still using

  1. Healing Earth Pinotage Facial Polish, a gentle yet effective exfoliation product, the smell is fantastic and my skin felt very smooth and refreshed after using it. I would recommend using once a week followed by a toner.
  2. Healing Earth Pinotage face Serum, a non greasy oil which I have used 2 ways, once before applying Healing Earth Night Crème and secondly on its own, which I found was not quite enough for my skin which tends to be dehydrated, for me used in conjunction with Healing Earth Night Crème Regenerative works brilliantly
  3. Healing Earth Night Cream Regenerative, this cream has a very pleasant smell and a lovely creamy colour, but best of all it Works!! My skin feels nourished, no residue left and a fantastic result was also achieved on application to my neck and décolletage.
  4. Then my body received such a treat I exfoliated using healing earth Coffee, Cinnamon and Orange Body Polish which defines and sculpts your body. The fragrance is so gorgeous, like eating a great dessert, application is easy and the grains a smallish and therefore get in to all the folds on elbows and knees, my skin felt so smooth and not dry at all, I followed with a body crème and had a great nights sleep

So impressed by this range that I got to try… as the saying goes “its not what but who you know” thank you carafay

healing earth review

LR: grape foot gel, pinotage night cream, face polish and body scrub

The above are by far my favourites of the whole range so I thought I’d talk you through each one and why I love them:

  1. Grape Foot Gel: Firstly Look at the green goodness, this has been beside my bed since I got it and in the past few weeks I have found myself using it more and more – why? Well I have poor circulation in my feet which means in winter I have freezing feet and in summer basically burning feet, so you can imagine during the heatwave we’re experiencing in Cape Town what a relief a cooling foot gel is. It has quite a menthol scent which is why I believe its so cooling, I would recommend this to anyone who has tired/hot feet or even to keep in your pedicure box.
  2. Pinotage Night Cream: A perfect night time moisturiser, not too think but just enough so that when you wake up in the morning your face feels so hydrated and smooth, again smells amazing.
  3. Face Polish: As you can see with this, the granuals are very fine in this beauty which makes for the perfect exfoliating and elevating of black heads.
  4. Coffee, Cinnamon & Orange Body Polish: My second favourite by far! I am such a sucker for body scrubs I think mainly because I have Keratosis Pilaris (chicken skin) so anything I can use on my arms I rush to but what I love so much about this is the grains are made from nut shells so its super gentle but that doesn’t mean its any less scrubbier. You read the name of this scrub right? Well yes coffee, cinnamon and orange is exactly what you can expect this to smell like and its amazing!
  5. Argan Oil + Lemon Shower gel: Such a fresh scent and perfect for the morning shower, lathers up nicely and leaves the skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

Et voila! Have you tried any Healing Earth products? If so what are your thoughts and your favs?