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how to: style statement necklaces {video}


I have always loved a bold accessory, be it a big bright pair of earrings or a bangle I actually filmed a how to style statement necklace video which you can watch HEREI just think a simple accessory can transform an outfit from boring to booming. So you can imagine when this trend hit I was all up in thur.. but.. would you guess that not one of the above necklaces cost me more than R50? Well seeing is believing right. 


Say hello to my little friend… ebay. Yes friends I am THE biggest bargain hunter there is, I know quality over quantity but I prefer q u a n t i t y,  well when it comes to accessories at least. Lets be honest certain things quality don’t matter well for me at least and in certain aspects you can not compromise like panties aint nobody got time for crappy panties!


Okay for people who are not familiar with ebay (where have you been?) if I’m in the market for pretty much any accessory ebay is always my first stop.. a little secret – all YDE, Mr Price, Woolworths etc accessories come from China soooo you are likely to find exactly what you are looking for at a fraction of the price with FREE postage.


My ebay code of conduct: I search for what I am looking for e.g. : diamante statement necklaces or mirror belts (you know the mirrored belts that they have at the Lot for over R200 weelll I picked one up on ebay for R25!) I then filter it to “price + shipping: lowest” that way I see the least expensive items first and I can usually pick up a few necklaces for the price of one that is in store. I also choose the “buy it now” format – aint nobody got time to be bidding.. well I don’t at least.

At this stage I usually add a few to my cart and pay with my paypal account (if you have an FNB account it’s free to link your gold cheque debit card with paypal the money then comes straight from your account.. easy peezy!) now comes the waiting game, China/HongKong mail is not the fastest so it can take up to 8 weeks to arrive, patience is key – that coming from one of the least patient people out here!


totes DIY’d the coke bottle – gold spray paint is my bestie!

I thought it would be nice to do a little video to show how I style my statements necklaces, watch it HERE: