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Mom gets Redermalisation | Legs 11

So we have had a few Mom reviews on the blog today we have an exciting medical aesthetic procedure my Mom has recently undergone, Redermalization performed by Dr Wade Merchant, at the Legs 11 Aesthetics clinic, Green Point.

What is Redermalization?
Redermalization is the process of injecting a mixture of Hyaluronic acid and Sodium Succinate. These ingredients stimulate renewal of the deepest layer of the skin, when skin ages it loses its ability to produce normal amounts of collagen and elastin – which normally help to keep the skin supple and tight. Redermalization aims to re-organise as well as stimulate production of collagen and elastin fibres – and in so doing results in skin renewal.

Does it hurt?
Some areas are a little tenderer than others but it is bearable and doesn’t last for long.

Do you look scary afterwards/what is the down time?
Not at all there are tiny little bumps on the face but these faded away by the same evening. Keeping this in mind different skin types may react a little differently but overall this isn’t a procedure that you need to worry about hiding away for days.

How many procedures should one have for maximum results? 
Studies show that 3 treatments, each a month apart, result in the most beneficial effects. That said, if someone is merely looking for a skin boost then 1 treatment can still be beneficial to skin health.

How much does it cost?
Everyone is different, but for the most part to treat the whole face – 2ml of product is needed which currently costs R3000.

Here is a little behind the scenes of the procedure being done:

Mom’s overall thoughts just for reference my Mom is 57 years old:

I went for my medical consultation with Dr. Wade Merchant, who was very thorough and asked what my concerns were; we both agreed my most aged area was my eyes area, which looks crepey, dehydrated with wrinkles. Another concern is the few spots of pigmentation on my forehead, which he said could be addressed at the same time.

Dr Wade explained Redermalization treatment, what to expect straight afterwards and the long-term benefits. This treatment actually stimulates the collagen in the skin to start producing again. After taking pictures from every angle an appointment, for my Redermalization treatment was booked.


The day of my Redermalization appointment arrived, Dr. Wade personally escorted me to his treatment room, he applied a numbing, anaesthetic cream to my eye area and forehead, this takes about 15 to 20 minutes to take effect, he then started the procedure, which in general was neither sore or uncomfortable, I did feel a few pricks here and there, but nothing that could not be managed.

My appointment was an hour and a half, once finished Dr. Wade showed me my face; I had smallish bumps around my eyes and larger ones on my forehead… nothing that an application of Image i-Conceal Flawless Foundation couldn’t hide. Sunglasses on I left the building!

By that evening all the bumps around my eyes had gone, my forehead had a few raised ones, which were to last five days. The next morning I woke up with big bags under my eyes, the bags remained for eight days and then disappeared. Exactly a month later as predicted by Dr. Wade my eye area is transformed less crepey and visibly less lined and keeps getting younger looking each day. There really is no down time with this treatment, which is great. I went for my follow up photos just over a month after my initial treatment, the improvement looking at my before photos is phenomenal.

I highly recommend Redemalization by Dr. Wade Merchant, at Legs 11 Aesthetics!

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