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I have to admit I get so excited when there is an essence update to their core collection. Yes the trend collections are awesome because they get updated all the time with fresh new ranges but the downfall is if you really like something from the range you have to stock up because just before you know it, it’s gone and no longer available case in point Merry Berry highlighter! 

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First up in the essence update we have the awesome concept of DIY eyeshadow pallet. The idea is that you buy the 4 shadow pallet empty (R35) and then fill it up with 4 eyeshadows of your choice – there are 20 shades to choose from each shadow costs a mere R39. If you aren’t into buying the pallet you actually don’t have to as the eyeshadows actually come with a lid – genius. This is something I have never seen before as often companies try and force you to buy the pallet and the individual shadows come in cardboard, but nope essence has your back! There are so many gorgeous eyeshadows in the range, they’re buttery and have very little fall out. The pigmentation of the darker shades are more intense than the lighter however I have found that both can be built up for a more intense colour or even used with a damp brush for an extra boost of colour.

Next up we have the luminous matte bronzer, one of my all time favourite bronzers is the essence Sunclub (I have gone through 2 and used them until the pan is empty!) So I was super excited to try this one out especially as it is a matte bronzer which is something I tend to lack in my collection. The nice thing about the essence bronzers is that they’re not overly pigmented which for a pale skin heavy handed girl this is a win, they tend to give enough bronziness at one brush sweep and can be built up, basically the most perfect sun kissed look. Above that this beauty is only R65 which is such a steal and will probably last at least 6 months!

There are some other new bits to the essence range such as a fibre mascara and some super glossy bold lippies. What are you most exciting to pick up from the essence range update?