Urban Decay Rehab Makeup Prep

Urban Decay have released 2 sets of products that form part of the idea of prepping your skin for a perfect make up finish and then removing all the make up off at the end of the day. Today I am going to take you through the Urban Decay Rehab makeup prep products and next week I’ll take you through the Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup remover.

Rehab Makeup Prep

The Rehab make up prep range consists of four products:

REHAB MAKEUP PREP PRETTY GRITTY SKIN POLISH R495 – this is a powder exfoliatant that you dispurse into you hand, add a little water and then wash off. If you have tried the Dermalogica powder exfoliant then I think this is a long those lines and little of these types of exfoliators tend to go a long way.

REHAB MAKEUP PREP LIP LOVE R195 – a super simple luxe lip moisturizer to help chapped/dry lips.

Rehab Makeup Prep

REHAB MAKEUP PREP PORE REFINING PEEL R395.00 – This is basically a peel off mask that you leave on for 10 minutes and helps to shrink the pores to allow for smooth application of primer which in turn means your foundation will look flawless. I think there is a misconception with this product in that in some reviews I have seen people expect this to be similar to a pore strip where all the gunk is pulled out of your face, this is far from that the idea is that the ingredients in the gel are there to temporally shrink the pores. Did it work on my pores?

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As you can from the above it definitely shrunk and refined my pores especially by my nostrils. I would say this is only needed for people with extremely porey skin otherwise you can totally skip this step and move onto the next product which is my fav!

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urban decay make up rehab (12 of 16)

REHAB MAKEUP PREP HOT SPRING HYDRATING GEL R595.00 – I am so into hydrating products as you know if you have read/watch my current skincare routine so any primer that is going to add extra hydration I am all about that! I was taken back at the packaging of the Urban Decay Rehab Hydrating gel because its in a pot/tub similar to a moisturizer but I found it to be a bit pans in that the tub is just a plain white tub with the UD label on it, I would of preferred a squeezy tube tbh but the product inside speaks for itself and you know don’t judge a book by its cover. The Rehab Makeup hydrating gel is made out water that is soured from a 1,000 year old hot spring in Japan, once it is applied to the face it immediately has a cooling effect and is so light weight that it sinks straight into the skin, because it is such a hydrating primer it really helps with any dry patches on the face like from an old pimple or if you suffer with dry patches in general. I can’t recommend the Rehab Makeup Prep primer enough!

Rehab Makeup Prep

Which product from the Urban Decay Rehab Make up prep would you like to try?