Clinique Moisture Surge + FREE products!

Today I want to share with you a little look into my super two step everyday skincare routine as well as the Clinique moisture surge range that I have been using to combat my normal to dehydrated skin!

I think it’s pretty safe to say skincare is something that often gets overlooked, we get into the routine of wearing make-up and think it’s a viable option to not care much for our skin. Where in fact this is the worst cycle to get into – the more you pile onto your skin the more clogged and unhealthy it becomes which in turn makes foundation look like a cakey bumpy mess.

I was lucky enough to grow up with a beautician mom who always taught me about looking after my skin, facewash, moisturiser and masks. You’d think being taught that from such a young age it would all be like second nature to me but about 2 years ago I fell into a little rut where I wasn’t looking after my skin at all, I had it stuck in my mind that I had oily skin so I used the wrong facewash and moisturiser  I just wasn’t interested in skincare found it a faff the results of this was clearly visible, my skin was dull bumpy and I didn’t ever want to walk out the house without foundation on.

After having a mini meltdown about my skin I decided it was time to try and get it looking healthier, I knew it wouldn’t be easy and didn’t happen overnight! The first thing was to realise that I was actually using the wrong products and embrace the slight oil I have on my T-zone sometimes instead of trying to banish it. I always thought if you add moisture to pimples they will increase, of how wrong I was! I started researching and realised my face was actually dehydrated and in need of a moisture kick, I tried a few products but the minute I tried gel formulas my skin immediately started changing.

I have a very simple everyday skin care routine that I thought I would share with you, it’s simple and obtainable for an everyday basis. It can also be built up with a targeted eye cream, serum or toner if you like but I think it’s important to have a base that’s simple and will deliver the results you’re looking for – especially for lazy days 🙂

I have been using the Clinique Moisture Surge range to combat my dehydrated skin and giving my skin the quench that it needs without it being too rich or too heavy of a product that would do the opposite and clog up my skin.

clinique moisturiser

The Clinique Moisture Surge range consists of many products from everyday moisturiser (two variants), a brand new serum, eye cream, toner and a mask. As mentioned in my video when it comes to a skin care routine you can add to it as you feel necessary but I think it’s important to have a good base – 1) wash 2) moisturize that way you’re less likely to skip it because it’s so simple. I tend to add an eye cream into my routine to combat crow’s feet and my dark bags, every now and again I add in a serum and if I’m having a full on pamper day then I pull out all the skincare stops.

Clinique has many skincare ranges suited to a wide variety of skin types, their products are high quality all 100% fragrance free and are tested on multiple skins before being finalized. I think one of the biggest realizations when browsing the Clinique range is how affordable it is.

I think the misconception often is that it’s a brand that’s out of budget, but have a browse and I think you’ll be surprised at how affordable it is. Now onto the FREE part purchase any Clinique Moisturiser via the website using the code SHOPCARA at the check-out and you will receive all three of these deluxe samples free with your order: Clinique Liquid Facial Soap and Take the Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes & Lips). All About Eyes (which is an eye cream).

clinique moisturiser

Comment below what your skincare routine is (I hope it includes moisturiser!)


*This blog post features sponsored product from Clinique however all thoughts and opinions are my own.