Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor

Revlon have done it again – hitting the nail right on the head with what’s on trend, making it their own and making it so well. Case in point their HD Matte lipcolours, the perfect matte lip with a unique satin feeling formula that is the least drying formula I have ever used read more here. Today I’m introducing you to the new Revlon Ultra HD Gel lipcolor another hybrid innovation from Revlon.

Revlon up took that glossy lips are back but again added their own spin to the formula a non-sticky highly pigmented and lightweight lipcolor. The Ultra HD Gel lipcolors are available in 15 shades from nudes, pinks to darker berry and purple shades. I have my eye on a few more of the nude shades as they’re so easy for the handbag, especially looking to buy Sand a gorgeous terracotta nude. The shade Dessert has been in my bag ever since I received these from Revlon it’s a warm light brown nude shade.

shades L-R: Twilight, Vineyard, Tropical, Desert, Coral

For a glossy, sheer formula the Revlon Ultra HD Gel lipcolors last relatively long and the darker shades seem to leave a semi stain on the lips. The colour pigments are suspended in a clear gel base with an intense burst of hyaluronic acid within the gel, this allows to lock in the moisture on your lips.

revlon ultra gel hd (2 of 4)
revlon ultra gel hd (4 of 4)

Each tube matches the colour that’s on the inside this makes it easy if like me you foresee yourself having multiple in your make up collection.

Are you thinking of picking up one of the 15 Revlon Ultra HD lipcolors (R165 each) ?