DIY : Pink & Gold Succulents {Youtube Video}


I am a sucker for Pinterest, I can literally spend hours pinning away at DIY’s, yummy recipies, outfits, make up and wedding dresses (I know you do too – so no judgement!). For me the most satisfying part is when I find something that I want to recreate and it actually turns out ok, some of the time this isn’t the case but hey at least I tried!

When I saw this image on Pinterest I knew I had to try this! Succulents are the most easiest indoor plant to have as they require 1 table spoon of water a week, unlike other high maintenance plants – I have had my fair share of the latter and they are NO fun! Plus succulents are really inexpensive – R20 from Woolworths and the Pebbles are from a pet store for R30 per kg (that is a whole lot of pink pebbles I tell you!)


I just love how the colours all come together a pop, it makes me smile. I made a little DIY video which you can watch if you are interested in giving this a go. When you are over on Youtube – like, subscribe, comment and all that jazzy stuff.


* NB this post is not sponsored