Revlon Youth Fix Review

Welcome to a joint review with my mom and I, when I first saw that Revlon had launched their Youth Fix range I was all types of excited for myself I was so excited to try out the under eye concealer and for my mom I knew she would be keen on the primers and foundation.

Lets get started with the products my mom has been testing, over to mom…. I have been using Revlon’s Youth Fix products for a month now and thought I would review these gems, which contain micro- fillers and optical diffusers all working to fill and blur lines and wrinkles.

1. Revlon Youth Fix –Fill +Blur for Forehead this marvellous product is so easy to use, it comes in a bottle with the lid being a brush which you use to apply the product to your wrinkles, let it dry, which it does in seconds and you continue with your usual regime, product can be used daily with or without makeup.

I target the lines between my eyebrows after brushing it on my skin appears smooth and luminous the wrinkles visibly appear less. WOW I have also used the product on my top lip with the same wonderful result.

2. Revlon Youth Fix –Fill +Blur Primer for Face and Neck, this product is a great way to prep your face and neck with or without makeup, the unique applicator shaped like a tear drop makes it easy to target all your lines and wrinkles. It feels a little like ironing!! Lines appear softened, skin luminous. Products 1 and 2 come in a universal shade suitable for all skin tones.

3. Revlon Youth Fix – Fill +Blur Foundation The shade I use is 210 Sand Beige, which has an SPF of 20, I find this foundation to be lightweight yet gives me full coverage without looking like a masque as it is hydrating. By applying Revlon Youth Fix –Fill +Blur for Forehead and Revlon Youth Fix –Fill +Blur Primer for Face and Neck before my foundation my skin looks flawless and my foundation looks just as good at the end of the day as upon application. Product 3 is available in 12 shades.

Back to Cara…

4. Revlon Youth Fix – Fill + Blur Concealer Of course being in my 20’s still (just…eek!) filling and blurring lines aren’t a huge concern for me at this stage of my life however the area that I do have some lines are under my eyes, not only do I have fine lines I also have quite dark circles, thanks mom! So with that in mind I am always on the hunt for under eye concealers because a lot of regular concealers just don’t cut it for under the eye, they’re creasy and just overall quite meh.

The Youth Fix Fill + Blur concealer has a sponge applicator which again was a winning factor for me as it reminds me of one of my favourite under eye concealers by Maybelline that we don’t get here so finding something similar that I can get my hands on is just a pure win! The concealer itself is quite thin inconsistency but at the same time is very high coverage – a little goes a long way in covering up dem dark circles! I found that it does need a little setting with powder mainly to keep my bottom lash mascara for becoming all smudgy. It isn’t very creasy and has amazing coverage, winner winner!


Have you tried any of the Revlon Youth Fix range?