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avene skin care review

Avene is a brand that has been around since 1736 although it is​ fairly new to the South African market it is definitely starting to make waves and for a very valid and good reason… and that is there are very few affordable products in Clicks and Dischem that are endorsed by Dermatologists. How do I know this? Well my lovely boyfriend has troubled skin, not all the time but when he gets stressed it is bad and of course being someone that isn’t too into skin care or personal care in general he didn’t really know where to turn. I remember when we first met he used hydrocortisone on his face when a flair up would occur, back then I didn’t have much authority to be like ‘listen bro this just won’t do’ however 11 years later I have earned by authority! We have honestly tried everything for him and finally settled on a hugely expensive product (R550 a tub!) which he grunts at everytime he has to repurchase. I think for me that’s why I am so excited in Avene, it gives a chance to that person with eczema, acne, keratosis pilaris (me!) or rosechia to help their skin without forking out thousands of rand!

I honestly could go on and on about Avene and share with you all my learnings from the lovely media event we had but i will keep it short and sweet. Basically what makes the brand so unique is that the water infused within Avene products comes from springs in a lovely little village in France. If you’re nerdy here is the exact info:

  • Low mineral composition 206 mg/l.
  • Calcium/Magnesium bicarbonate profile (ratio Ca/Mg = 2).
  • Rich in silica: 10.6 mg/l.
  • Very rich in trace elements.
  • Neutral pH: 7.5.

Onto a break down of my favourite Avene products so far:

avene suncream

1) Emulsion Suncream – For a freckley person I am terrible when it comes to suncream on my face. Most of the time suncreams are so thick and white that when you come to apply primer and then foundation you have a slippery mess happening, well not with this Avene xxxxx SPF 50 (which is a bonus) it has a light consistency that is easily absorbed into the skin, slightly white when applying however this does go away. Once absorbed there is no film left behind and is almost matte, I then apply my primer, foundation and I’m good to go – no slipperly slidey mess.

avene thermal spring water review

2) Thermal Spring Water Spray – This has been a firm favourite of mine for ages, I think I am on 3rd can. It can be used for anything, razor rash, sunburn or even just as a refresher before make up heck I even use it half way through the day. This is the product I use the most from Avene. The mist is extremely fine and sinks straight into the skin.

avene eye cream review

3) YsthéAl Eye cream – Another favourite of mine, this is a gorgeous light weight eye cream that is meant to be used at night due to it Retinaldehyde properties shh sometimes I use it during the day too if my eye area feels like it needs a little more moisture. I find this sinks in so nicely and gives the area a slight cooling feel.

avene moisture mask review4) Apaisant Moisture Mask – Oh moisture masks, where would I be without them! There is nothing like giving your skin a much needed drink of water! I love to use this over night every now and again, to be fair by the time I hop into bed most of it has already sunk in!!

avene mattifying fluid review

5) Mattifying Fluid – This is the perfect primer, and although its mattifying it is is no way drying. It really creates a perfect canvas for make up application.

avene skin care review

6) Cleansing Cold Cream – Unlike the name would suggest this is in fact a wash, I have been loving using this under my arms and legs for shaving as I get such bad razor rash this has honestly been such a savior.

Next on my list is defo’s their Akerat body cream which is said to combat Keratosis Pilaris (aka chicken skin) as well as some of the Triacnéal range for the boyfriend to use. What is your favourite Avene product?