L’Oreal Infallible Matte Lip Paint Review

It’s no secret that matte lips are all the rage – almost every brand has their own version out but I always appreciate when a brand takes the trend and makes their own unique formula. L’Oreal is a key example of this, they did it with their sponge tip infallible matte fx range that was a powdery lip formula. Again L’oreal has gone and done it with their Matte Lip Paints, these have a hybrid moussey/gel formula that gives the lips a uniform stain without being sticky or drying.

The L’Oreal Matte Lip Paints are available in a variety of shades from your classic burgundy, red to some out there purple/pink shades and a gorgeous nude shade that is definitely on my list – it’s called Hollywood Beige.

The packaging of these lip paints is as unique as the formula they’re made out of a squishy plastic into the shape of a tube so immediately I though these would be a squeezy product but they actually have an applicator that is a curved doe-foot that allows the product to glide onto the lips fairly easily and without the need of a lip liner.

My personal favourite of the 4 I tried was 205 Apocalypse Red which left a gorgeous berry stain on my lips, it lasted all day and just faded away as the day went on without leaving any streaks or lip outline. Second favourite is a very different shade for me… PURPLE shade 207 Wuthering Purple which is a subtle neon purple shade, it can also be down played if you aren’t for a full intense colour just apply a little and dab it into the lips with your finger that way you get the shade and the stain.

Here I have swatches of shades 205, 207, 202 and 204

Overall if you are looking for a no fuss kind of lip product that doesn’t require maintenance during the day then the L’Oreal Infallible Matte lip paints are exactly what you’re looking for!

*A version of this review was posted in collaboration with Becoming You Blog