revlon ultra hd matte review

Matte lips, what a vibe. Do’ya no what isn’t a vibe? Dry desert lips caused by said matte lip products. Lucky for us Revlon have come up with a velvet matte cream product that packs the same punch as a matte lip.. introducing my collection of the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolours..

revlon ultra hd matte lipcolour review

Reasons why I often opt for this formula over any other matte lip:

  1. The formula, as mentioned this is more of a velvet cream formulation which means its a lot less harsh on the lips and lot more forgiving if you haven’t exfoliated your lips in a while as it doesn’t settle into the dry patches. It’s comfortable on the lips no pulling or dragging and you can still ‘smush’ your lips together – nah mean?
  2. Pigmentation, these tend to leave a stain on the lips even if you’ve gone for seduction (the nude shade, my fav!) which is such a winner if you haven’t had time to reapply. That being said they’re also buildable. Take any of the darker shades for instance if you take your time and apply two coats, that pigmentation ain’t going no where!
  3. The colour variations, as with most Revlon products from foundations to nail polishes there are a variety of shades available from nudes to pinks to deep plums and after a recent trip to Dischem I spotted some goregous browny autumn shades.
revlon ultra hd matte lipcolour review

L-R: love, seduction, obsession and addiction

These four have to be my favourites; Love is a gorgeous coral red. Seduction is a velvet teddy, terracotta shade but with a little more of a beige undertone. Obsession is a candy yum yum type of bright pink with a blue undertone and addiction is one of my most favourite autumn berry shades.

I have my eye on a few more shades for autumn though; romance which looks like a gorgeous orange red, embrace which is a muted purple shade and lastly infatuation which is a stunning deep brown shade in swatches it looks similar to another Revlon favourite of mine.. Black Cherry. Oh Autumn, please hurry up!!!