Clinique Aromatics in Black + White #FragranceFriday

The minute I opened the Clinique Aromatics pressdrop I was so excited as my mom used to use Aromatics in White so I was really excited to see what the new Aromatics in Black smelt like. I immediately sprayed one on either arm and got my mom to do a sniff test to see if she knew which was which turns our the Aromatics in White has not changed and is still her favourite with warm notes of wood and amber. Needless to say I gifted this one to her because nostalgia and all 🙂

Aromatics in Black however quickly became my favourite between the two it has a bold exotic scent with deep notes of floral and myrrh (a woody, gum scent)

  • Packaging: beautiful sleek and sophisticated bottles (all black/all white)
  • Notes: Both have a floral and woody notes however Aromatics in Black is a deeper scent and Aromatics in White is a warmer scent.
  • Lasting Power: Strong once sprayed becomes subtle and lingers all day
  • Day or Night: Either or
  • Thoughts:​ Overall I absolutely love the Clinique Aromatics range, they’re the perfect no fuss perfumes that you’re guaranteed to be asked ‘what are you wearing’. These are also classic scents I mean if Aromatics in White is still around from the days my mom used it, you can be sure its a firm classic perfume that will stand the test of time.

Have you used either Aromatics in White of Aromatics in Black from Clinique before? Next on my list is the Clinique Aromatics in Black Cherry *heart eyes*