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a little bit of lush


There is no hiding the fact that I ♥ lush, well most girls (and guys- my boyfriend included!) love lush. I think it’s just the fact that it makes bath time fun – it truly brings out the inner child think baths filled with glitter, bubbles and colourful water YES please.

I recently paid Lush a visit and picked up some bits that I have never heard about before and when I got home I was thinking of a fun way to display all of the goodness that is lush and that’s when I thought of the jar idea and I really like that I can see all my goodies in one place.


bubbleroon (YUZU AND COCOA) R43 : I only thought about this when I was editing the above image this is called bubbleroon because it looks like a macaroon – brilliant! I have never heard anything about this little bubble bar but the smell won me over its a mixture of coconut, chocolate warm goodness. Definitely going to try a few more of these roon’s out.

dorothy R43: another bubble bar that I had never heard of before and for me these turn out better than the hyped up ones it feels like you have found a little gem.  How cute is the little beauty makes for such a nice add on gift and again you can reuse it just crumble as much or as little as you like at a time. This smells very fresh with ylang-ylang and sweet fig.


comforter R55 (large size) : I have written about my love for the lush bubble bars before especially at what good value they are for money and the comforter is definitely a firm favourite, it smells so comforting and kind of gives a calming feel plus you’re bath is filled with bubbles and pink water.


butterball R32: this is definitely one of the more iconic bath ballistics, although it is fuss free (you drop the whole ball in at once, no bubbles, no glitter) it’s packed with skin goodness such as chips of cocoa butter to melt all over your hot body (yes you’re body is hot! 😉 the butter is visible as it forms an oil like residue on top of the water. Smells very sweet and vanilla’nary plus my skin felt so smooth after. Charlene from Gee Whiskers suggests using this if you have sensitive skin for shaving as it coats the legs nicely.

fluffy egg : this cutie was a complimentary gift from Samantha at Lush. How cute is the name ‘fluffy egg’ it is part of the limited edition Easter collection, if you didn’t know Lush create limited collections for special occassions eg Easter, Mother’s Day etc. Back to fluffy egg this scent is the same as snow fairy that usually comes around at the end of the year it’s sweet like candy and makes you’re water bright pink.

What is your favourite lush product?