Moroccan Oil Texture Clay

So I had a mishap with my hair, if you follow me on snapchat you most definitely are bored or​ ​hearing about it. Basically to cut a very long story short (literally!) I have a very short choppy,​ l​ayered bob that I am learning to live with as it grows out. Let me just tell you when you’re used to​ g​rabbing your StyleRush straightener and creating curls in about 3 mins flat, having short layers​ ​take a lot of adjusting! Thank goodness my StyleRush is versatile, that’s all I can say. I have gone​ ​from lose curls to bone straight layers -_-

It’s just hair and it will grow but let me just tell you short layered hair isn’t for sissys, theres no just​ ​throwing it up in a bun – this can be achieved with about 200 bobby pins -_-

Along with my new bonnet I have found a new love for styling products and I honestly don’t know​ ​where I would be without my trusty Moroccan Oil Texture Clay. If you have read a few of my hair​ ​reviews you will know that my hair is fine and has a tendency to get greasy fast. This means I try​ ​stay away from adding any extra products to my hair as this usually speeds up the grease,​ ​however sometimes I come across products that don’t do this at all eg Moroccan Oil Light – this​ ​stuff is amazing and doesn’t make my hair greasy plus I get the benefit of adding extra care to my​ fizzled ends.

A moldable clay that defines and sculpts to create natural looks with a matte finish and strong hold. Moroccan oil® Texture Clay features a blend of argan oil, shea butter and bentonite clay for piecey, roughed-up styles. Achieve customizable versatility—this unisex hair clay allows for time to style before the hold sets in to build to a desired level of texture for both short and long hair. Tames and controls frizz all day and leaves behind a non-sticky, non-greasy finish.

Moroccain Oil - 2
Moroccain Oil - 3

I add a tiny bit of the hard clay into my palm rub my hands together and distribute it evenly​ ​through my choppy layers, it gives a ‘piecey’, separated effect where the layers are visible. It has the classic Moroccan Oil scent which is probably one my most favourite scents as it reminds me of my trip to Australia where my bestie only used these products.

I was​ ​lucky enough to try this when my hair was longer too and let me just tell you the way it enhanced​ ​my StyleRush (click here to get a discount on this savior styler) curls making them look so much more effortless and beachy – nothing has ever​ ​done this without causing grease, no salt spray, no gel, no oil, no mouse. Now I just have to​ ​penitently wait for my layers to grow out, in the mean time the Moroccan Oil Texture Clay is​ ​helping me get through by helping me define my new layers.

What are your favourite Moroccan Oil products and Do you have any tips for extra layered hair?​ ​ANYTHING will help!