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RefectoCil Review – at home brow and lash dying

From eyebrow and lash dying, sideburn and belly bleaching, to moustache and beard waxing I have always done it all at home. From the moment I was into looking after myself my mom taught me how to do it all myself, going to a salon for these things has never been thing for me – besides brow threading, that I will pay for because eyebrows make the biggest difference to the face as long as your brows are threaded and dark enough your whole face will look more framed.

I definitely don’t need to dye my brows or lashes but have always preferred to, it makes no make up days a little easier. I can remember my moms little make up bag filled with the goodies for an at home brow or lash tint. It always consisted of RefectoCil brown for brows and blue-black for lashes, a little glass mixing bowl, vaseline for marking where you don’t want the dye to go and spoolies for daysss!

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RefectoCil has the widest range of tint colours and the oxidant/solution needed to activate the dye. You need the tiniest bit of dye and solution to make a paste, because such a little product is used, the products last about 6 to 8 months depending how often you make use of them.


Step 1 ensure your brows are shaped to your liking, I prefer to dye mine straight after a threading so they’re perfect.

Step 2 use vaseline around the area you don’t want to get dye on, basically outline your brows with vas.

Step 3 apply the dye with a spooly, leave it on a max of 10 minutes – the longer you leave it on the darker the hair will become.

Step 4 use a micellar water or toner to remove the dye and then wash the area to ensure all the dye has been removed or it will keep developing!


Step 1 use the vaseline around your eye because you don’t want panda dyed skin!

Step 2 apply the paste you have created (again a small squeeze of the dye mixed with the developer solution) with a spooly as if you were applying mascara, go slowly here to ensure you get the really teeny lashes in the centre of your eye

Step 3 wait 15 minutes to achieve a dark full look (less time if you want them lighter although I like mine super dark!) use micellar water or a toner to remove the dye and then wash your lashes.

Have sensitive eyes? No problem! RefectoCil have a range specifically for sensitive skin types or even just for the person who has leaky eyes (dis me!). The RefectoCil sensitive range also comes in a wide colour range and has its own developer specially formulated with the sensitive peeps in mind.

The RefectoCil Sensitive range has a different method to apply in that first the colour is applied for 2 minutes, removed and then the solution is applied afterwards for 1 minute. I highly recommend this range if you suffer with sensitive skin or eyes.

I find that my brows and lashes last a good 6 weeks being dark but I am brunette and have naturally dark hair, if you’re fairer you may need to reapply more often.

If you haven’t ventured down the path of dying your own brows and lashes I definitely recommend you do it, there is no need to pay someone and RefectoCil products make it really simple to dye dem brows and lashes at home!

PS Let me know in the comments if you dye yours at home or if you’re going to give it a try?