Aramis Fragrance – #FragranceFriday for HIM!

I am sure by now you know my love for fragrances especially if you are an avid reader of these #FragranceFridays – as much as perfume is important to me it is just as important for my man to have a fragrance on the go. In fact one of the very first things I remember from when we first met, 11 years ago was the way he smelt – I remember it so clearly   it was a Fa fragrance, everytime I went to the supermarket in my school uniform I would sneak a spray from the tester (lame, I know but I was 16!!)

Back to the point! I wanted to share with you a full proof male scent, especially if you are looking to get your man a gift – this is for YOU!

Aramis a fragrance brand that has been around since 1966 with the sole purpose of being a classic scent consisting of woody, fresh and spicy notes such as bergamot, cinnamon, sandalwood and oakmoss amber. For a fragrance that has been around for so long it stays relevant with their different variants within the Aramis range from the Aramis BLACK variant that has more of a sleek scent to my favourite Aramis VOYAGER which has a burst of black pepper that makes it quite a fresh and unique scent.

Aramis also has aftershave, deodorant sticks and sprays as well as Eau de Toilette in their fragrance variants. So if your man is looking to update his scent to something classic definitely head to an Aramis counter and have a sniff better yet if you are looking to buy your man a gift Aramis is currently running a gift offer* with the purchase of any 2 Aramis fragrance (one being a 100ml) you will receive this beautiful and HUGE canvas overnight bag that looks so classy and doesn’t have a HUGE logo on it showing it was a freebie – no what I mean 😉

*valid 18 August – 10 September 2017. This blog post contains product sent from Aramis however all wording and opinions are my own.