LA girl lipsticks {review}

Its no secret that I am a #bargainfinder I love a good ‘steal’ and the feeling that comes along with finding an item at a price that makes you smile, be it a piece of clothing, a meal or a make-up item. There is of course a downside to being a #bargainfinder is that sometimes cheap really can be cheap there is no two ways about it but then there is a glorious up side and that is finding something that is perfect!

LA Girl Romance, Sexy, Pure Ecstasy & Love Letters

Shades L-R: Romance, Sexy, Pure Ecstasy & Love Letters

That is what I am going to share with you a little bargain brand that is making waves in South Africa and rightly so because they don’t disappoint.

LA Girl, a brand that is exclusive to Dischem Pharmacies – I could literally go on and on about each different product of theirs I have tried and how I enjoy each one but I think I will focus solely on my main obsession and that is there creme lipsticks. I currently own 8 of them yes I know that sounds excessive but at the +- R40 price point I can almost get x4 for the price of ONE Mac lipstick – I’m ALL about the quantity with this.

LA GIRL Romance, Sexy, Pure Ecstasy & Love Letters

Shades L-R: Romance, Sexy, Pure Ecstasy & Love Letters

These LA girl lipsticks come in so many shades from the perfect nude to pink they even have a black lipstick. They have a creamy consistency and are very pigmented. I have found that the darker shades seem to stay on my lips a lot longer than the lighter ones. Although these don’t claim to be a matt or a shine finish the darker colours are more to the matt side – this could be why they last a little longer on compared to the more glossy lighter shades.

If you haven’t given this brand a second look I would definitely recommend having a look you will be pleasantly surprised at the shade range of foundations, concealers, lip liners and lipsticks that you find. The only downside with LA Girl as a brand here in South Africa is that if you have your eye on something – get it when you see it because there is no guarantee that it will be in stock again.