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benefit rockateur blush review

Benefit Rockateur Blush Review South Africa

Benefit rockateur the blush that has been on my wish list since before Benefit was even back in South Africa. Rockateur is said to be the most perfect rose golf blush that gives a perfect flush to the cheeks with a slight shimmer. Also suited for all skin tones which is such a plus!

Benefit Rockateur Blush Review South Africa

Rockateur has a special formula that combines a baked, powder, cream and fluid texture to create a bright and pigmented result. As you can see in the swatch (which is just one swipe in the pan) on my skin tone it is quite orange toned with flecks of gold running through it. I do however notice that it sometimes looks more pinky on me than other times, its like a chameleon product, adapting to my face depending on the foundation I’m using – which I absolutely love.

Benefit Rockateur Blush Review South Africa

The blush comes with a flat kind of kabuki brush which I find a bit meh for blush but I’ve since tried to use it with a highlighter and it works so well for that, I just prefer my blush brushes to be rounder. The packaging is made from a type of cardboard has a mirror and feels sturdy although I’m sure if this was carried around in a make up bag it could end up looking a little scruffy especially on the corners.

I picked up rockateur from Red Square it retails for R385, it is also available at selected Edgars stores that have a Benefit counter.

If I had to have one blush to use for the rest of my life I would definitely choose rockateur and here’s why firstly there is so much product in the pan it would take years to hit pan and finish it up. Secondly like I mentioned it has multi faceted colour which means sometimes it looks more orange toned and sometimes more pink that means I’m getting a two in one and finally because it has the most gorgeous sheen to it you basically don’t need highlighter with it!

Rockateur reminds me a lot of MAC Warm Soul which is another one of my most favourite blushers. They’re both the perfect go to fail proof blush to pop in your make up bag! What is your favourite benefit product?