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revlon colorstay compact + fluid review

Revlon oh Revlon, the brand I remember when I was about 14 and started getting into make up, the product I remember from back then was the two step coloured mascara I had a navy and a maroon shade. I felt so swanky bringing these out at friends when we’d get ready together. Thats one thing with Revlon, yes its a brand found in the pharmacy but its so iconic and just feels so special from the packaging to the scents of their products.

revlon colorstay

I have some firm favourites from Revlon mainly lip products; butter gloss, colour bursts, the ultra HD and of course my favourite berry shade black cherry. I only started to dabble into the Revlon ColorStay range fairly recently starting off with the Normal/Dry foundation fluid, I was so impressed when I headed to Dischem to find my shade, SO MUCH VARIETY from a pale shade called Buff (my shade) to darker shades such as Hazelnut, Carob, Bronze, Cinnamon a total of 18 shades, yes representation matters!

revlon colorstay

The ColorStay liquid foundation is also available in two variants; Combination/Oily and Normal/Dry I mean hello Revlon are basically giving you everything you need on a platter,  just short of actually sending a make up artist to apply it for you on a daily basis :p I picked up the Normal/Dry as I sometimes prefer a foundation I can powder down in certain areas as apposed to an all over matt foundation. This version also has SPF and I’m sure by now everyone knows my love for SPF foundations (it means less layering of products underneath foundation) This now comes with a pump I know a lot of people complained about that specific point before as you’d have to pour the foundation out, I’ve only had it with the pump which can I say is super luxurious its made to mould a finger, don’t believe me? Have a look:

revlon colorstay review

The staying power is really good, I do get a little oily on my T-zone but this usually happens by the end of the day with any foundation. I haven’t experienced any oxidisation or pore eating (that look you get when everything settles into your pores and you kind of look pixelated!) I am such a fan of this foundation and it is definitely in my tops for pharmacy foundations.

revlon colorstay 2-in-1

revlon colorstay compact

ColorStay 2-in-1: I have to say I was a little on the fence when I saw this release, mainly because I have such bad memories of compact foundations, back in the day when I had first started using foundation I started with compacts and mousse formulas HELLO FACE MASK! What drew me to this version of ColorStay was the matching concealer, genius! Happy to say the coverage of this is far from mask/cake like, its actually quite sheer but definitely builable. The concealer is just perfect, not only as it is the exact matching shade, the consistency is quite thick which makes it the perfect match with the consistency of the foundation. The concealer is perfect for under the eyes and blemishes. This ColorStay compact is the perfect travel companion especially with the matching concealer, it’s your one stop compact!

Have you tried any Revlon ColorStay products?