Sapphire Spa Review

Is there anything better than getting your nails done? I think not! A manicure and pedicure is definitely top of my pamper list, I just love the way it makes me feel to have polished nails – a feeling like a put together lady! 

GoBeauty Kindly sent me to Sapphire Spa; if you are unfamiliar with GoBeauty read all about how they work and how to use their service here – in a nutshell GoBeauty is a super easy platform that lists a whole host of salons that you can search for my suburb and even book directly from their platform – making it a one stop shop really! In stead of using multiple sites or phone calls, you can book all your treatments in one place. 

Onto what you’re here for I headed to Sapphire Spa for a pamper session before our quick holiday to Australia, I opted for a Vinylux manicure and pedicure. I normally would go for gel but I knew I was having gel for the wedding and wanted to ensure my nails had time to breathe in stead of applying gel one application after another. Plus if you don’t know much about Vinylux here is the lowdown:

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish is a breakthrough polish for fashion perfection… without a base coat! … Vinylux Weekly Polish system includes a self – adhering color coat that eliminates the need for a base coat. Use with Vinylux Weekly Top Coat for week – long wear that dries quickly.

Sapphire Spa is situated in the gorgeous and quaint O on Kloof Boutique Hotel and offers a variety of treatments from manicures, pedicures, massages to eyelash extensions and of course is open to the public. The spa also has the most gorgeous huge indoor swimming pool that is so inviting and I can imagine how glorious it will be to take a dip in Summer with the gorgeous view of the sun setting over the sea.

I lay on the Sapphire Spa treatment bed for my manicure and pedicure which happened simultaneously which saved me time – two for one if you will. The salon itself is a relaxing sanctuary where you can have your treatment and veg out after by the pool. 

Sapphire Spa is a definite must if you’re looking for the perfect relaxing pamper spot. What is your favourite in Spa treatment?