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John Frieda In Shower Treatment

This is a VERY delayed review that I wrote when my hair was blonde that I never got around to finishing. Instead of just canning it I thought I would share my thoughts on the John Frieda In Shower Treatment because I was super impressed with it. Going forward I will definitely be picking up the brunette version especially when my sneaky greys start peeping through (yes I have them, no don’t be mean!)

John Frieda In Shower Treatment review

If you’re part of the blonde haired babe club, whether dyed or not you’ll know the tone struggle. Whether thats from regrowth or general brassiness its just a general struggle and don’t even get me started on the purple streaks that purple shampoo can leave. Basically blonde locks are WORK and for that reason I am so thankful for the John Frieda In Shower Treatment although the product states it helps with regrowth I noticed it really helped with the overall tone of my hair. The product itself has quite a strong scent, very similar to that of bleach so I knew straight away it meant business! As you can see in the after picture the overall tone of my hair was lighter, the texture of the hair was smooth and soft, not crunchy or crispy at all! I highly recommend especially if your hair tends to get dull and needs a little pick me up. As you can see in the after pictures of my moms hair hers too became warmer and richer. The really nice thing about the John Frieda In Shower Treatment is that it is also a treatment so you’re adding to your hair instead of always taking away. John Frieda In Shower Treatment is R150 and is available at Clicks and Dischem.


Next up my mom tried out the John Frieda In Shower Brilliant Brunette range..

John Frieda In Shower Treatment review

So I got to try the two products from this range. I washed my hair and then applied the BRILLIANT BRUNETTE

Visibly Brighter in – shower treatment, I was very impressed with the innovative dual tube design used in this hair product, which cleverly keeps the lightening ingredients separate until ready to be used. This is a one-application product. I left it on the required 5 minutes and rinsed, as my hair is dry I applied conditioner afterwards, my hair felt soft and looked healthier and shiny and visibly brighter.

I would recommend using gloves to protect your hands as the colour did stain my hands.

Next I used the BRILLIANT BRUNETTE Visibly Deeper Colour deepening Treatment. I washed my hair and then applied the product all over my hair combing as directed to ensure even distribution, it says to leave up to 10 minutes which I did and then rinsed off.


BEFORE AND AFTER – you can clearly see that there is less brassiness.

I had just done a home bleach bath and applied my normal tint and my hair had gone ORANGE, however after using this product my hair thankfully looked a great shade of brunette and felt softer. Once a week you can replace your normal conditioner with this colour depositing treatment in order to achieve the brunette hair colour you want.

This product Safe for use on natural or colour –treated brunette hair and for use on highlights & lowlights. Both products have a pleasant smell; great texture and are easy to apply. I do like these innovative products and will purchase them to use again.

We would both recommend the John Frieda In Shower treatment especially for in-between hair dying days.