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Velvet Teddy R35 Dupe!

The quest for Kylie Jenner esque lip continues, always! Before I actually owned Velvet Teddy I read a lot about Wet and Wild having a dupe, so off to clicks I went!

velvet teddy dupe wet n wild bare it all review swatches south africa

The Wet and Wild lipstick was under R50 and because I wasn’t sure how I the terracotta shade would look on me I was happy to pick it up before even thinking of buying Velvet Teddy. As you can see by the below swatch Wet and Wild Bare it all is 100% a dupe for MAC velvet teddy!

velvet teddy dupe wet n wild bare it all review swatches south africa

top Bare it All bottom Velvet Teddy

I thought I would break down the similarities and difference that I noticed between the two:

  1. COLOUR: As you can see in the above swatches the two are definitely a dupe for one another, if we’re splitting hairs then Bare it All is slightly pinkier than Velvet Teddy but overall the two are a very close match.
  2. FORMULA: Although both are a matte finish, bare it all is more of a demi matte finish and is a lot less drying. Velvet Teddy is part of MAC’s matte range which is a lot less dimensional than Bare it All but still less drying than MAC’s retro matte range.
  3. LONGEVITY: Both formulas seem to last well on the lips at least a good 4 to 5 hours without needing a touch up.
  4. BULLETS: Velvet Teddy’s bullet comes in the classic MAC triangle which makes it easy to stick to your lip line, whilst Wet n Wild is more of an oval bullet this isn’t a probably with this shade but with their darker shades more care is needed to ensure to keep the lipstick within the lips!
  5. PACKAGING: Of course Velvet Teddy comes up tops in this aspect! Wet n Wild lipsticks have fuss free packaging but because the lid is see through it seems to get a little beaten up, I usually just clean it with an ear bud and its all fine again.

All in all I like both formulas and if I wasn’t gifted Velvet Teddy I would happily keep using Bare it All for the classic terracotta lip. Have you tried either of these lip colours and do you think they’re a dupe?