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Want to start blogging? Here’s How!

I have always wondered how Travel Bloggers do what they do; do they approach companies with a plan and then together they collaborate? Do they get given freebies and document those experiences or do they simply love sharing the places that they visit? Look I am no travel blogger by genre but if I do have an opportunity to travel best believe it will be documented! Not only for the reason that it would be nice content to share but also so that I have a place where I can look back at memories, for example when I went to Bliss Boutique #ExploreWC with Lerato, Verushka, Rayne and Fathima I vlogged the whole thing, it reminds me of what we got up to and the fact that I had pink hair at the time!!

Travelstart South Africa have created a really easy to understand inforgraphic which pretty much answers all the questions to becoming a travel blogger, well any blogger can take a thing or two from the below!


how to become a blogger_cheap flights_ travelstart

If you’re on the fence on becoming a blogger (I get this question all the time and really feel that the above answers all the blogging newbie questions on how to become a blogger!) but aren’t sure where to start or what you want to write about, how about start by creating a domain with a name that can be used for any genre or if you are an existing blogger that is currently stuck in a certain genre but want to dabble in a travel – Head over to the Travelstart website for all cheap flights and your one stop online traveling shop, book your next holiday and when your back if you had a great time share that with onto your blog!


This post was done in collaboration with Travelstart, however all wording and thoughts are my own.