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2014 favourites | south african

happy happy two oh oh five peeps! If you are anything like me then you absolutely loved watching peoples 2014 fav’s – for me this just gave a little insight into what’s out there and which products have been a constant favourite throughout the year.

Unfortunately a lot of the youtubers I follow are in the UK which means that we don’t get a lot of the products here in South Africa and if we do its at an exorbitant price that let’s be honest ain’t nobody got time for! This being said I thought it would be nice to show my 2014 favourites all of which are available right here in South Africa.

It’s a long one I know, the boyfriend actually asked if I am starting a series with this LONG episode.. what can I say I just had a  LOT to talk about.

Let me know in the comments if you liked anything I liked or if you have any suggestions.. AND if you watched till the end :p