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Labello – the reason to smile! #LabelloSmileChallenge


Be the reason someone smiles today with the#LabelloSmileChallenge – I think everyone knows Labello, I remember when I was in high school I had about 4 on the go at one time and best believe everytime there was a new flavor or formula (hello gloss!) I was all up in there making some justification to my mom as to why I needed this newness from Labello. I am grown now (well sometimes) and although my taste has changed one thing that has not is the need to have some kind of lip balm in my handbag, in my desk and bedside draws.

Labello has partnered up with the Smile Foundation to create a dual pack of Labello Original Care for R35 and R2 goes directly to the Smile Foundation. This dual pack although Original flavor is unique in that one has the word Beautiful and the other Smile specifically for the #LabelloSmileChallenge Labello has gone even further by pledging to donate a further R1 when users share photos/videos on Instagram or Facebook using the campaigns hashtag – #LabelloSmileChallenge

If you don’t know much about the Smile Foundation basically it is a South African NGO that assists and gives access to children that have any type of facial abnormality to receive free Plastic and Reconstructive surgery – AMAZING! Labello is always finding a way to help and support South African’s and worthy causes. Look at the cute little handmade coin purse that came with the press pack, this was made by Irene Hedebe at the back of the card there is a little story about her and which Labello flavour is her favourite, just another reason why supporting local is important. GO LABELLO!! 🙂


Be sure to pick up the Labello dual pack or snap a selfie to do your bit for this awesome #LabelloSmileChallenge campaign! Together we can make this a huge success and give many children a beautiful glossy smile 🙂