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peonies | smell the flowers


If you are anything like me you love girly things, happy things, pink things, soft things and the list is never ending.. one of these things is flowers and yes I know they can be expensive and I know they just die but there is something magical about being gifted a bunch of flowers / buying some for yourself (independent woman alert!) every-time I look at these flowers an instant smile comes over my face knowing reminiscing on where/whom I got them from. I don’t have one favorite flower because there are so many that are so beautiful from something simple like babies breath to red red roses… but near the top has to Peonies {“flower of riches and honour”} for their subtleness, colour variety and SMELL – have you ever smelt the joy that is a peonie ? If not I suggest popping to a Woolworths store and giving them a sniff… I just did that very thing during my lunch break, I didn’t buy any because they are very pricy but nontheless I left the store with a huge smile on my face.

Basically after all that jibber-jabba all I am saying is enjoy the little things, don’t try and be anyone but you and most importantly STOP! and smell the flowers.