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This can be such a touchy subject for us ladies and I think we get persecuted a lot when it comes to make up and wanting to beautify ourselves so today I wanted to touch a little on this subject, share some of my thoughts and experiences.

I saw Shaaanxo post the following quote on her Facebook page and I just had one of those AMEN (AYYYMEEEN!) moments, you know those one’s that you just want to shove in the face of anyone who has challenged you but you didn’t have the right answer? Well this was one of those:


… so you see where I am going with this, how many times have we seen something like this:


.. OR better yet heard guys say things like “Make up should be illegal so I actually know who I’m marrying.” and lets not forget to mention the famous #makeuptransformation mockery, incase you are not familiar with it here you go:


I personally have had many a conversation with guys saying how they don’t like make-up or how over done a girl is but what a male fails to understand is that make-up is an expression of ones self the same way jewellery, tattoo’s and dressing are. We as women are so often told not to dress, work-out, look after ourselves just to find a man – the women who do this are the ones that completely let themselves go after marriage, this is where the double standard comes into play – so we must do things for ourselves but make-up is an extension of that (well for some ladies – I know many ladies who wear no make-up and are completely content with that) I have also heard some women not want to wear certain colours of lipstick or make up all together because their partners don’t like it – is that being true to yourself? or is that just being obedient? Remember relationships should be based on ebb and flow and not just losing yourself whilst submitting to what someone else thinks you should be like – heck they fell in love with you as YOU why should you have to alter now that there is a commitment?

When I was challenged to answer the question about make up I had to think a little bit and find out why I wear make up and I realised for me I like playing around with colours, it’s kind of an art. I like the way a little bit of make-up can automatically improve my mood and make me feel pretty, I for not one minute think this is a bad thing nor do I think this means I have low self-esteem because on that same note I am very comfortable going to the shops on a Sunday in sweats and no make-up.

Do I think make up can be over done? Well of course it can be and if you are in a relationship with someone that is over-doing it then let them know, chances are they have just watched their favourite beauty Youtubber and copied their make-up tutorial that may just be looking uhm not so hot!

I think sometimes women are doomed if they do and doomed if they don’t, men and women don’t realise how severe their words can be. Ladies just do you, do what makes your soul shine – what makes you happy!

Ok so this post changed path a little, but that sometimes happens when I let my mind wander…  so I will leave you with a little picture of my vanity, where I keep all my make-up goodies, as you can see it is very mixed matched but I will try leave links to as many items as I can find online. Let me just say Mr Price Home, Second Hand Stores and Checker’s Homeware Isle are you besetst friends when it comes to mix n matching.


What you can see in this pic:

♡ Mirror – Vintage from my Great Grandmother
♡ Round Mirror – Dischem R50
♡ x3 sets of heart Draws – Checkers R70 each
♡ Clock – Australia $5
♡ Ceramic Heart Box – Mr Price Home R30
♡ Ceramic Heart Dish – Kirstenbosch Market R20
♡ Pink Lamp – Mr Price Home R180
♡ Puter Heart Coster – Gifted
♡ Lauren Conrad Book – Second Hand R50
♡ Chevron Pillow – Mr Price Home R120
♡ I Have Sunshine Pillow – Mr Price Home R50
♡ Fairy Lights – Shoprite R30 (I added the flowers myself)