Bargain Bonanza


I’m sure many ladies out there are a lot like me when it comes to lady things, especially when it comes to beauty products I like quantity and quality but lets be honest when you can buy x4 Sinful Colours nail polish for R108 and ONE Essie polish for R160 I’d prefer to go for the Four!

With some products you can’t skimp on quality things like foundation and eyeliner these things come very close and personal to your delicate face that you need to be looking after so I definitely think that is where quality products come in.

I am all for finding Dupes for expensive products that I just don’t want to splurge on, so I thought I would share my findings with you.

  • Sinful Colours (R27) vs O.P.I (+-R180) – Sinful Colours are my ultimate fav, every-time I’m at clicks I simply have to get 1 or 2

nailsColours left-to-right: SC (boom boom) OPI (it beets me)| SC (easy going) OPI (sweetheart) | OPI (timbleberry) SC (mod-ern girl)

  • Essence Stay With Me Gloss – 03 Candy Bar (+- R30) vs NYX Lip Butter Gloss – Peach Cobler (+- R100)


  • Essence I <3 Stage (+- R39) vs Clarins Eye Concealer (+-R290)


  • Essence 3D eyeshadow in 08 Irresistable Vanilla Latte (R38+-) vs M.A.C Soft and Gentle (R300+-)


  • Clicks Range Beauty Sponge (R55) vs Beauty Blender (from R190)


I hope you liked this type of article, let me know if you did and I will definitely do more in the future. I wrote a few articles like this for Beauty Bulletin you can read them HERE.

*NB this post was not sponsored all thoughts are my own.