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Favourite (finished) Mascaras Pt 3

I am fast realizing mascara is one of my most favourite make up items, a shelp to apply because I always make a mess somehow but it’s the one product that tends to make the biggest difference I think. I can have a full face of make up but if I’m missing mascara I look slightly ill. Mascara is also the product that I tend to go through quite quickly and I seem to hardly ever repurchase the same one, even though I have firm favourites that I would repurchase there is always a new mascara out there that I want to try.

This is the third mascara empties posts I’ve done if you want to read the first one you click here and for the second one click here. The idea is that I give a brief review on the mascaras I’ve finished which I really liked and would repurchase and the ones that are a little meh.

Lets get cracking of course Maybelline would feature because lets be honest Maybelline make the best pharmacy/drugstore mascaras hands down (L’Oreal and Revlon coming in second place) One of my most favourite mascaras of all time is the Maybelline Falsies so I was bias and knew I would like the lash sensational offering from Maybelline. A gorgeous big tapered brush and even though I’m not a huge plastic wand fan I make an exception for this variant because it is so good. It gives the lashes a very full look, it adds volume but I wouldn’t say that’s the main goal of this mascara for me it gives a dramatic look on the lashes and the formula is quite wet which surprisingly I tend to enjoy more than a dryer brush. I absolutely love the Maybelline Lash Sensational and will definitely purchase it again maybe next time I will try the metallic pink packaging variant.

Next up we have LOV cosmetics Forbidden this is such a goodie, the brush is kind of like a twisted fiber brush but it really gives the lashes a full and lengthened look for a wow eyelash look. It doesn’t transfer or give me panda eyes and the formula is the right amount of wet to dry ratio. I also find that even though it packs such a punch on the results side it doesn’t leave my lashes feel crispy or crunchy in anyway, its such a goodie!

Then we have the Catrice Pret a Volume, this was a bit of a meh product for me the wand was great a nice fat fiber brush but the product itself wasn’t what I look for in a mascara the formula was more on the dry side so that means it tends to take longer to apply and coat all the lashes, because it requires so many coats I noticed that it gave the lashes more of a clumped spidery look which is not my vaaab. Catrice has some really affordable great mascara options for example the Glam and Doll range is one of the best most afforadable mascaras out there.

Bourjois Volume Reveal Waterproof, Bourjois is one of my most favourite brands and their mascaras are top notch with many variants to choose from. The packaging of the Volume Reveal is awesome because it features a mirror which is a perfect addition for a handbag or on the go make up bag. The mascara itself is great it separates the lashes and coats them nicely without being over clumpy and for a waterproof mascara it isn’t that much of a mission to remove. The brush is not one of my favourites being a plastic and a little bitty, it tends to be a bit of a mission to apply but once it’s on you’re good to go with a really nice defined eye look that won’t budge all day!

Lastly on my finished list is the is another Maybelline one the Big Eyes dual ended mascara, not even going to lie when it comes to this one I picked it up purely to try out the bottom lash mascara because that brush is just amazing a tiny wand of bottom lash dreams! The bottom lash mascara didn’t disappoint at all it was so good had the right amount of product on the brush so as not to allow for transfer but enough to coat the lashes. The top lash mascara was meh again quite a dry formula and didn’t give my lashes much volume it was more of a natural coating look and not something I really look for in a mascara. However I do think this is a good mascara to take along when going on a chilled holiday because then you’re not really looking for a wow look.

Phew and that’s a wrap, let me know what you look for in a mascara?