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3 Favourite Nail Polish Colours – Morgan Taylor

I have always had this fascination with nails I think this comes from when my mom went to Bulawayo and Victoria Falls for business (she was in the beauty industry) each time she came back with a new nail polish colour for me. These shades ranged from greens, blues to black and white! I painted my little stubby bitten finger nails and loved it. As I got older I only wore blue nail polish on my toes and used Charlie Gold as my scent, you know the typical 90s kid!

Fast forward to now I am still nail obsessed, I love having polished and groomed nails both on my hands and feet. Of course visiting the salon is nice every now and again but lets be honest it can become quite costly so often I opt to do an at home mani and pedi, over the years I have gathered all the bits I need for the perfect at home pamper sesh.

Morgan Taylor not only have the most amazing colour range they also offer some great base and top coats within the range, allowing your at home mani to last even longer with the perfect base and glossy finish with the top coat.

I have taken you through all the tools I use so today I thought I would show you my top three nail polish colours that I think everyone should have in their collection!

Red – I don’t think this needs that much of an explanation red is such a classic, from a red lip to red nails it is just a must add for your collection. Plus red suits everyone! Of course there are different tones of red but I like a true red like this Morgan Taylor Fire Cracker.

Burgundy – A dark shade to me is an all year one, I know some people stick to dark for winter but I personally love a deep berry or burgundy shade on my toes in summer (and my hands!) Dark nails is one of my most favourite shades I think it looks really sophisticated and with all the hues of dark shades you can get from green, blue, purple and brown there is bound to be something for everyone. My most favourite and not just because of the name is Morgan Taylor From Paris with Love. 

Nude – Now nude to everyone is a little different tonally and finish. You can get pink nudes, purple nudes, grey nudes, cream nudes and then you can get opaque finishes, sheer finishes and even some with a sheen to them. I personally am having a moment with greige (a purple grey nude) and although a love a good french pink, there is nothing like a solid opaque nude like Morgan Taylor Polished Up.

Morgan Taylor have the hugest colour offering, you can literally find ANY colour another thing I absolutely love about Morgan Taylor which I didn’t realise for a while is that they’re part of the same cosmetic house as Gelish which basically means some Morgan Taylor nail polish shades come in Gelish too! So if you have a shade that is your fav you can get a gelish mani too, which is such a winner I think.

Now onto the extra fun part, you can WIN all three of these shades! All you have to do is head on over to my Instagram and/or Facebook page for all the details on how to win all three of my top Morgan Taylor shades plus a  top and base coat 🙂