new in Hean {review}

Hean Cosmetics

Today I’m sharing with you some goodies that Glamore Cosmetics sent me. Glamore Cosmetics sell European brands such as Hean, Omega, Rombanda and Oceanic these brands are all new to me so I was super excited to try something new that doesn’t have a hype around it because that way my judgement is not clouded or influenced by what has a huge rep to live up or down to.

First up we have a lipstick called rose garden #84 this is a pinky rose colour with a slight silver shimmer through it. These Hean lipsticks are enriched with a “vitamin cocktail” filled with A, E, C and F and Shea butter which is very noticeable by the soft scent and smooth texture as well as the moisturising feel on the lips.

Hean Cosmetics Lipstick in Rose Garden

Next up we have a baked blush Colour Celebration is 271 and a stay on Eye Shadow in 511

Hean Cosmetics

The baked blush Colour Celebration is 271 is an interesting shade and is different to any other blush I own or anything I have ever tried. It is a lovely flushed pink shade with a silver sheen in it, most blushers that I own have a gold sheen in them so it’s been a refreshing change to use one like this. I also had a look at shade 272 which I would absolutely love to give a try it looks like it could be a dupe for MAC’s Warm Soul.


Eye Shadow in 511 this is a lovely neutral shade that is perfect for all over the eyelid straight up to the brow bone it has a slight gold sheen to it and it can be used wet or dry which is such a nice change because most shadows get ruined if used wet.

Hean Cosmetics Eye Shadow

Lastly we have an amazing invention that I am LOVING.. the eyeshadow stick. I absolutely have been loving eyeshadow sticks lately they’re just super easy for every day and are effortless. This Hean one is no exception, I have the shade Copper 7 which is a true copper shade its the perfect mix of brown and gold and works really nicely under the eye too I can’t wait to try a few of the other shades in this range.

Hean Cosmetics Eye Shadow Stick in Copper

A big thank you to the ladies at Glamore Cosmetics for sending me these lovely goodies.