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Winter Ready Coats From Superbalist

There is no hiding that I am prone to a good online shopping spree, don’t get me wrong I love going in store but there is something about browsing online in the comfort of your own home especially on pay day weekend when the malls are just vom!

One of my most favourite online stores is Superbalist purely for how jacked up their returns and exchanges are, if something doesn’t fit you all you do is log an exchange for the different size and they will do the rest for you for free! Collect the item that doesn’t fit and deliver the correct size. I can’t tell you how many times I have done this especially with shoes and jeans! There is no waiting for a refund and then repurchasing the correct size or paying for the new size and then being double out of pocket until the refund, Superbalist just make it seamless and for this reason I will always browse on their site or app.

Since we are coming into autumn there are two clothing items I have been browsing frequently… boots and especially jackets and coats. Today I’m going to show you my top 5 picks from the Superbalist jackets and coats category:

1) The Camel Coat: This is such a classic and a piece that will see you through many a winters. What I really like about the Pisa Wool Camel Coat is the shape it’s a very streamline classic shape with a tie that you can either leave undone, take off or use to tie a bow or knot in. It will also suit most body shapes and heights. R1,499

2) The Bomber: Ah the bomber, this is a shape that I have seen come back into fashion time and time again be it a football style of bomber with a felt letter on the breast or a plain solid colour. I always opt for a plain solid colour that way it will stand the test of time, when I say a solid colour that doesn’t mean you need to be boring and stick with a black or grey, why not go for an actual colour! I personally love emerald green, it has been one of my most favourite colours for years and works so well in autumn and winter. It goes with black, tan, cream, floral patterns – you get it choose something that is a little out there but in a solid colour that will last you.

I really like this Conco bomber jacket the material is silky which gives it a little edge and I also love the pink striped subtle detail, it’s a solid colour but at the same time still unique. R599

3) The Denim Jacket: Gosh I love me a denim jacket not only in autumn and winter but also they look really cute in summer with a dress so investing in a high quality one will last you forever. I personally love this blue Ex boyfriend trucker Levy’s denim jacket, it’s a stunning denim wash and can go with everything! R1,299

4) Superbalist have so many denim jacket options that I just had to share this black oversized denim jacket R699. I think having two denim jackets in your wardrobe is a must especially for versatility – a light and dark wash is a must, again both can be worn all year round! I have this idea of wearing a different colour hoodie under a black denim jacket. I know this is very Leonard from Big Bang Theory but I LOVE it, so I am also on the lookout for a hoodie similar to this one LOOK FOR A HOODIE

5) The Grey Coat Jacket: Grey is a really good staple to have in your cupboard, it goes with everything and will last you for a long time and if you get a simple shape it will never go out of fashion. This is something I always remember when buying a high priced item, stick to a classic simple style and shape that way I know I won’t get bored of it after one season. I like this Brit Wool jacket, I love this blunt cut off style and how they have incorporated the white lining into the stitching, R799


Agh it was so hard to narrow down my top 5 Superbalist Jacket and Coats picks, they have so many options and really do cater to pretty much everyone’s style. Remember if you sign up to Superbalist as a new user you get a R250 (min spend R600) off your first order on the website or within the app, they also have daily offers where certain percentages are marked off a category or brand so everything Superbalist are bringing you more and more reasons to shop with them!

App Links

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.superbalist.android&hl=en

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/za/app/superbalist-fashion-shopping-app/id1035303848?mt=8

What is your favourite item to buy for Autumn / Winter?


*This blog post is a trade exchange with Superbalist.