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Wedding Table Number DIY

When we started planning our wedding I immediately searched for things I could DIY not only to save money but to also add a personal touch to our day. Table numbers were top of my list, I went through so many wedding table number DIY options, Pinterest is full of them! 

I knew I wanted to use dark wood with gold writing as we had a greenery runner in the centre of the tables I knew that colour combination would be beautiful.

Off to Builders Warehouse we went on search of supplies! Gosh I spent about an hour in the stationery isle and almost changed my whole idea when I saw that they now have rose gold and black moldable air clay (click here to read more about mouldable air clay)

From the stationery isle we chose a beautiful antique gold paint and off to the wood section we went where we found a long piece of light colour wood that we asked to have cut into 8 even sizes (did you know Builders Warehouse offer the service of cutting your wood to size?), as mentioned we were looking for a dark wood and although the only wood we could find was light that was NO problem we just headed to the wood stain section and picked up a gorgeous dark wood Rust-Oleum stain and off we went!

We used the same font for the table numbers that we used on our invitations, printed this out and then cut around it with a craft knife to form a stencil. If you’re not on a budget you can always get a laser cut stencil made or if you’re good at freehanding that’s always an option.

Mandla and I worked in tandem; I stained the wood and he cut out the numbers for the stencils. The whole DIY was so easy once the wood was dry and the stencils were made we used sticky stuff to keep them in place and then painted the gold and that’s it! So simple and affordable altogether this cost under R400.

Did you create and DIY’s on your wedding day or would you be open to creating any?