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Slick of paint, revamp {DIY}

I am prone to a good DIY, I have so many ideas and often when I find a piece of furniture and imagine all the ways I can revamp it up this mostly involves in a slick of paint and an updated handle (which by the way you can find the most affordable and gorgeous handles/knobs from Poetry Stores).


When we moved into the flat we had to find ways to make the space work for us. It’s a duplex with not much space in the living room. We had our dining room table custom made to fit under the stairs and to fit our 4 farm style chairs. I had painted the chairs previously to look shabby chic and rustic but to be honest they started to look a bit messy and rundown. When Prominent paint got in touch to collaborate I straight away knew I wanted to revamp the chairs.

After endless hours on pinterest I decided on light grey and pink for the chairs and a fresh coat of white paint for the table. Off to Prominent paint Kenilworth I went, oh the choices! I stood in front of the paint chips for ages, uming an aring over the shades of pink and grey. Luckily the sales team know exactly what they’re talking about and helped me find the exact shades with the correct undertones, paint type and finish – I didn’t want a purple grey or an orange pink, I wanted a semi glossy finish and wanted water based so it would be easy to clean the mess I knew I would make.. fussy much? After I decided on the two shades the team mixed them up for me and added a little sticker and note into their database against my name, this is incase I ever go back they have the exact shade/tone numbers that were mixed for me so they can recreate it.


  1. Newspaper
  2. Water (top tip, if you are not an avid painter always opt for waterbased paint, its easy to clean your skin, the floor and the brushes. I have made the mistake before of an oil based enamel and I am STILL cleaning the splotches off the tiles 2 years later!)
  3. Paint brushes (I opted for a few different sizes and this made all the difference, I used the large one for larger areas and the smaller ones for the legs of the chairs)
  4. Of course paint!

I didn’t bother with a primer, you know Yolo and all of that! In my defence the chairs were painted in a matte chalk paint so i thought hey theres my primer. I used the Prominent paint range Evolve, this range comes in an array of shades and as I mentioned before they can mix up your exact shade. The evolve range are also well suited for kids, at first I didn’t know what that meant but I think it means that 1) its easy to clean and two which is the most important part there is no smell – absolutely zero yukky paint smell.


The paint itself is quite thick which meant that I didn’t need more than 2 coats to get an opaque shade, each coat dried very fast – it took about 4 hours in between coats. The finish is a gorgeous demi gloss opaque shade.

prominent paint blog post

I am so happy with the outcome and can’t wait to revamp something else. I am thinking of my headboard which is actually from an old babies coat that I found in the garbage!

prominent paint blog post

What was the last thing you DIY’d in your home?