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smak review

So it’s been quite quiet on these parts of the internet, I think that’s because my brain is already in full on Holiday mode! Being in holiday mode (I blame the public holiday!) although not truly on holiday yet, we decided to head to breakfast at smak deli on Friday. I often sit and wish we would explore more in our city especially on the weekends but the truth is when you have a full time job and a passion project – mine being my blog and Mandla’s being his photography – weekends are often spent on these, inside and often behind a computer or behind a camera. Having an extra day off this week I thought it would be a perfect excuse to try somewhere new for breakfast.

smak delicatessen was founded on the belief that great food doesn’t have to be complicated, a simple restaurant with a simple yet delicious menu! The type of menu where you’re basically playing eenie meenie miney mo to choose what to go for, lucky for me our waiter was amazing and steered me in the direction of the THE GOOD OL’ SCRAMBLE (cream cheese, balsamic caramelised onions, scrambled eggs, pan-fried mushrooms & parmesan served on rye)

Mandla had the GLEN BEACH SPECIAL (mexican style baked eggs, cubed rump, pickled jalapenos, sweetcorn & spring onion finished with danish feta & toasted rye) 


Both look as amazing as they tasted, I could totes do a do-over! smak has such a laid back feel, pet and bike friendly :-p Being a delicatessen smak also has imported cool drinks and chocolates that aren’t easily available like my fav Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Nothing at smak is pre-made, everything is made-to-order even the pasta is hand made! The name of the restaurant intrigued me, at first I thought it would fit into a sentence like this ‘I smak my food exe!’ growing up in Zim we used smak a span :-p This smak is translates to “the taste” in Polish, yes I had to google it to be sure!

I have my eye on a few other meals on their menu so I’ll definitely be back. Have you been to smak yet?